December 30th, 2008

oy with the poodles already
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Halp?! Motivation is out the door...

As is common this time of year, my motivation has fled.

However, the problem is a little awkward.

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HALP -- I know that most of this is a battle I'm going to have to win with myself, but I'd love to hear any advice you have to offer or even just words of encouragement since we're all fighting the same fight and many of you have probably experienced the same thing.
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I am going to start counting points for the new year. Does anyone have any excel spreadsheet or something like it that they can email to me that they use to track their points? I have the book but its almost all used and I want to start fresh.  I would love if i could find something to print out and small enough to put in my purse.

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Hi! I'm Anna, age 33, married, have a son who's almost a year old.

I just joined Weight Watchers yesterday. I'm going to my first meeting next week after I'm back from out of town. I'm really excited and determined to do it right, bit by bit.

My question for now is: how do I prepare more nutritious, weight-conscious meals when my husband is already thin? He's 6'2" and 155, so not at all in need of any loss, haha. I don't want to whittle him down to nothing while I'm losing all this weight!

Stats: Age 33


SW 218.8

CW 218.0

GW 139

New members!

Hey, I just thought I'd post, because it seems there are a lot of new members in this community :)

There is another community that a few of of who are in this community use to track our food daily. It helps keep us accountable and be able to actually see what we're eating! I've found that it's really helped me as a supplement to this community and the WW website with my weight loss!


If you'd like to join, read the info on the user page on how the posting works. Also, many of us post friends-only entries, so don't be alarmed if there aren't many posts to see when you show up before joining, haha. Hope to see some of you over there!