December 28th, 2008



Got weighed in yesterday and lost 2 lbs (I'm now down to 138 again)! I was super excited considering how much I ate over the holiday, but I think it had to have been my activity. Got a job at Toys R' Us for Christmas and they've def kept me busy for the last few weeks...I basically walked around for 7.5 hours stocking shelves on Monday, so that helped with the loss I think!

Hope you have all survived the holidays!
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staple recipes?

helllo there!

so, i have finally decided to re-commit to WW and go back to meetings.  I have fallen far too hard of the WW wagon these last few months and have sadly gained back a lot. It makes me feel shitty. completely and utterly shitty. but, hopefully this next week I will feel better & be able to get back on plan.

i was wondering what your favorite dinner recipes are?  I need some new recipes-that was part of my issue with falling off initially-too BORED.  I have 3 staple recipes I live by but I need more.... Barbeque meatloaf, taco soup, stuffed pepper soup. yummmm.

hope everyones holiday was good : )