December 15th, 2008

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I found a Nigella Lawson book called Nigella Bites. I used to love looking at the pictures in this book and when I looked through it a few minutes ago, I was delighted to find that most recipes are really simple and are very core friendly.

I am eyeing the Green Cilantro Chutney and the Seafood/Curry soup. The halloumi with chilli also looks really good - although cheese heavy. I wonder if this could be switched to tofu? If so, this would be a really nice Core dish.

The Halloumi with Chilli recipe is - according to to Ms. Lawson - two tablespoons chopped/seeded fresh chilli, two tablespoons E.V.O.O., 18 oz halloumi (OR TOFU?????) sliced middle thin, and a squirt or 2 of lemon juice.

"Mix the chili and EVOO in small bowl and put aside." Ok.
Put halloumi (TOFU!!!!!) in a nonstick pan without oil and give the slices two minutes a side --- longer for tofu I am wondering?
Spoon chilli/EVOO mix over them and gobble.


Thoughts? I will let you know if how this turns out.  


Also, I'm participating in a holiday recipe exchange with friends and as most of them are organic-or-natural-or-weight-watchers-members, the recipes are really cool to share with you guys.

Here's one that I adapted from a friend's recipe.

stuff you need
1 small acorn squash
1 can onion soup
1 carton of broth (chicken or veggie depending on preference and if you're a vegetarian)
1 can chick peas (or another bean of choice -- I think the pale/white beans work best with this one)
1/2 can olives
1 chicken sausage (the "hot dog" size -- but can be eliminated and replaced with tofu for non-meat people or removed entirely)
2 oz of noodles/pasta of any kind (I mixed 1 oz reg pasta and 1 oz whole wheat pasta)
1 stock/soup pot with lid.
Music - The Cure, Cole Porter, assorted showtunes like Little Shop of Horrors or Wicked, Queen, Imogen Heap. Singing and dancing while throwing in pasta? Optional.
Scrape the insides out of the acorn squash. Put in small bowl. Set aside.
Put onion soup (all or half depending on how oniony you want it) in a stock pot. (set heat to medium high) Same thing with carton of broth (I used half of the broth carton and half of the onion can). Same thing with noodles which (I hope, haha) will cook inside the soup. Cover it and let it simmer for a while so the noodles cook.
Put squash, olives, chick peas in soup. Cook or nuke sausage, cut it up and throw it in. 
Volia! So far it's really good.

As for WW, I am really not sure of points value. However, I know that the sauage is 4 points and the pasta is 5...if you decide to eat the entire pot of it. You could also use Tofu Shiiratake noodles instead of pasta and tofu or chopped meat of some kind instead of sausage (which is not Core) --- if those changes are made, I believe this becomes a Core dish.

Happy Holidays, Weight Watchers Crew!!!

(and if anyone has any recipes or suggestions on these cooking ideas, feel free to comment!!!)

chipper, happy

Thoughts on Food?

I have a very good friend who is in an offshoot of Overeaters Annoymous and says that on her food plan, she cannot have white flour or sugar...and if she can, it is only if the ingrediant is four or less on the label.

I think this is very interesting.

And I think OA and WW have a lot in common in terms of the actual concepts. The only thing is that I wish WW incorporated more about emotional process into the meetings. Like have everyone talk in detail about a trigger moment and how they chose to get through it. For me, it's become as simple (and as hard) as learning how to say "I am not hungry. I am MAD." or sad or whatever. Usually mad or sad are my triggers but it is a LOT EASIER to understand and see them coming and then choose to do something else. 
Oasis - Brothers (WTSMG?)

Week 1

So I went to my first meeting yesterday. 9 am on a Sunday morning! Yowza.

It was fun, but I don't think my leader did a great job of explaining everything to us newbies. I think I was the only real NEW person there...everyone else was just re-committing.

At any rate, I signed up for the 18 weeks program. My health insurance covers all but $15 of it, so hopefully after the meetings, I can just do the monthly pass or eTools or something (or go it alone!). My goal is to lose 2 pounds each week, for 18 weeks. That seems a LOT more manageable than "36 pounds!"

In the Spring, my family is going to Hawaii, so hopefully by then I'll be back in shape!

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"Whenever a woman asks me,'What's the best way to lose weight?' I answer, 'Get engaged'"

I read that in a bridal magazine. Why? Because I got engaged! He asked me Friday night, and we are both very excited. The only problem is that I haven't been eating very healthy or exercising since July!

I used to be pretty active here and I lost nearly 40 pounds with the support of LJ and weight watchers (unofficially). My start weight was 197, and I got down to 160 around May. I started to get really frustrated in July because I was trying so hard, and not losing anything. Then school started and it was the worst semester ever. I was dealing with a couple of deaths in my family, plus I had 15 hours, was working 20 hours a week, and had to do my capstone project. I rather quickly and easily fell back into comfort eating. I also started drinking soda again and stopped drinking as much water as I was used to.

I weighed in this morning at 170. I'm actually really happy with that. I think that only gaining 10 pounds is good considering I've been eating TERRIBLY for 4 months and not working out at all. I don't really have a set goal weight because I haven't been under 160 since I was 10 years old. I'm thinking around 130-140. I have 37 weeks until September (which is when we're thinking the wedding will be). So I can definitely hit at least 140 by then, hopefully closer to 130.

I already started today. I got back on spark people and planned my meals for the day. I'm going to start this week with 1500 calories/day and working out at least 30 minutes. My meals are planned and I still have 300 calories left for a snack or extra dressing if I want it! I got on Wii Fit this morning and did a lot of strength training and yoga. I've also already had more than half the water I need for the day (which is good because my lips and legs were starting to get really dry, from lack of adequate water). I feel really good about this! I can't wait to weigh in next week and see how much of the gain is water weight.

HW: 197
LW: 160
CW: 170
Height: 5'3
GW: 130-140

Taco Bell

so today i slept in like crazy, had a super healthy breakfast and then went christmas shopping. i had to wait for a bus to get home and i was rAVENOUS so i gave in to my multi week craving for taco bell. since i knew i was going to be ok points wise i got exactly what i wanted: crunchwrap supreme. man is that thing awesome. unfortunately it made me feel rather ill. i shall now go back to not eating there for another year or two.

in any case, i looked up the nutritionals when i got home and was not particularly suprised at how bad it was (550 cal, 15 g fat, 4 g fibre) but i was more suprised that it wasn't the worst on the menu.

there is only ONE thing on the entire taco bell menu that has more fat and calories than a cheesy taco wrapped in another taco.

weighing in at 850 calories and 45 (!!!) grams of fat is the......


way to go salad.
i'm so glad i never ordered you.

and as a side note, that fresco menu isn't all that impressive either. there are things on there that are over 10 points.

if you want to check it all out, the info is here:


So I found out tonight in my WW meeting that I've been eating 2 points higher than my daily points target for about TWO MONTHS now.

I've been eating 28, and it should be 26!

Why was I under the illusion that Etools automatically updated that when your weight went down?!

But the good news is, is that I've still managed to lose 10 lbs in the past two months. Now I'm motivated because I know I can get bigger results!
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WW question

I been on and off weight watchers for a few years. I've always eaten my extra 35 points...but I'm wondering: does it make a huge difference if you don't eat them?

I would really like to lose 3 pounds this week. I've lost 7 pounds in the last 2 weeks, and I've been very good about tracking everything I eat, working out, and choosing whole foods. I'm just thinking those extra 35 points could add up to a lot over a few weeks?
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