December 14th, 2008

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Okay, so I've was lacking motivation for a while. I even made a post about it a few days ago...

tl:dr = I found motivation in the strangest place.

This morning was the Jingle Bell 5k in Seattle. I was hoping it would motivate me to get back on track. But... last night it snowed 2 inches at my house. When I woke up at 7am this morning it was 28 degrees. My mom, who was doing the 5k with me, had about the same amount of snow and her hilltop was super icy. We decided for safety reasons and health reasons it would probably be best not to do the 5k. (Last time I did 3 miles in 15 degree weather I was sick for 2 weeks after from all the cold air)

But here is the really weird part, the fact that we chose not to do it still seems to have motivated me. Yes, I can't compare my time and be excited about a decrease in time to finish. But, I made a $25 donation to charity and got a free shirt... and a number tag that didn't matter. I can actually train for another 5k, I can't wait to pick one out!  This morning, I stayed home because I sort of had to. I made a huge batch of soup. I did all sorts of strength exercise with dumb bells. When I got out of the shower I did the weird stand in the mirror and analyze myself. I realized that I should be so proud of myself. My face looks much thinner than it did when I started in May. My double chin is mostly gone (you know, depending on the angle or facial expression.) My butt isn't as huge, my tattoo is higher up on my low back because my butt is smaller. My chest is smaller, which I'm happy about. I can fit into size 12 jeans. But, the best is my crease between my abdomin and legs is less severe. Hmm, or maybe I got motivated by the snow. I saw that 3000 people showed up to the opening day of Crystal Mountain and my body needs more strength than I currently have before I can hop on a board... Who knows?

I may have gained 5 or 6 pounds since I hit my 10%. I may have been full of every excuse possible this past month and a half. But, I also know that this year I stepped out of my comfort zone and did 2 5ks in a month. I joined WW because I finally was ready to admit that I couldn't lose weight on my own. Even with a weight gain, I can still say I've lost 25 pounds this year. I still have about 55 to lose, but I know I can do it this year.

Thank you for reading this. Have a great Sunday. If you to were lacking motivation, I hope you to can find it some where... I'm almost wondering if a stranger place is better.


Before and After

One of our friends has a Christmas party every year complete with Santa for the kids.    We went this afternoon and I was just compairing this years pictures with last.    I can really see the loss in my face and neck.   I started the program in Feb 2008 and have lost 21 lbs.   The last couple of months the progress has been very slow but I least I am not moving backwards right?   I am commited to sticking with this and not gain over the holidays.   So here are my pics. The first picture was taken in Dec 2007 and I weighted about 190.  My son is about 6 weeks old in this picture.   In the second one (today) I weigh 170.