December 8th, 2008

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Community for tracking your points!

Hey guys!

I had interest from both people in my personal journal and here who wanted to participate in the points tracking journal. So here it is:


I'm all ready to go and pumped up! It's an open membership. Very few rules but please read the info page if you join. It will help you in making your posts. Hopefully it will help me and others be accountable for what they eat, help to inspire, and to inform.

Oh and I'd love a healthy weight loss icon for the default. I looked for one for a while but it's really late/early now and I really should sleep. So if anyone has an icon they wouldn't mind donating I am open to suggestions!

Thanks a bunch!
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So, I looked at the Weight Watchers article on tea because I do love my Caykur and found some last night... I knew it wasn't bad for me I drink tea black no cream no sweetener... however...

Now I have a terrible craving for blueberry scones!! WW website says the restaurant variety is 10 pts!! But I cannot find a light recipe ANYWHERE. Anyone have suggestions? I'm quite handy in the kitchen, so I want to be able to make a happy healthy version of this!

Weekends and whatnot. Eeep!

Hello all. I am new and haven't posted yet. I've just been lurking. I have two questions today:

#1: How do you survive the weekend? I go completely off course and don't track anything. I need to figure out how to motivate myself to do good through the weekend and weighing in on Mondays isn't working.

#2: I started at 216 last Monday. This morning I weighed myself and it came out at 207.5. I did it twice just to be sure. I am skeptical of this and I don't really want to log it into the WW site. Do you think this is a fluke? Should I wait a week and then log? I'm so confused. I feel like I lost some weight, but not that much! What would you do?

oy with the poodles already
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Since when does 8 oz. not equal 1 cup?!

So, I went to enter my cup of skim milk for my cereal this morning into a tracker. As always, it came up as 2 points. On a whim, I decided to change it to 8 oz. That made it 1 point! How the heck does that happen!?!? I'm using the tracker's calculator, not the old tools or anything. AND, with my lunch, I brought a small, 8oz. can of green beans... it says a cup of cooked green beans is 0 points, but 8 oz. is one. WHAT'S GOING ON!?

Is there something I don't know about equivalencies? :(

Re-Committing starting.....NOW!

Of course, that's after I just ate a huge gyro and plate of sloppy french fries, but a new beginning is a new beginning, right!?

Name: Erin

Age: 34

Height: 5'8"

SW: 207lbs

CW: Not sure, as I haven't weighed myself in a couple's probably about 210lbs now because I've been a really bad eater lately.

GW: 155lbs

I just started WW back in October and lost 5lbs the first week! And then I fell off the wagon. I started a new job with different hours and my boss was doing a lot of "let me buy you lunch" so I was having a hard time committing to keeping up with the points. I've gone to a few meetings, but not as many as I should be going to, mainly because my work schedule and the meeting schedules don't match up real well. So I am happy to have found a (free!) online support group.

One of the things that I have noticed about WW that I get a little worried about is the push to use fat free and low fat items. I do not use artificial sweeteners and I do not use the FF and LF items as I am not convinced that they are good for you. There is too much processing involved, in my opinion, to consider them a healthy alternative. Is there anyone else out there trying to follow the program using other healthy alternatives?

I am looking forward to meeting people!
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Clementines are back in season. You can have three small clementines for ONE point! I peeled them and put them in a measuring cup. They filled it up to a 1 1/2 cups. They count for three servings of fruit and they are delicious and filling! And because I'm thorough (read as obsessive) I also weighed the clementines and they are always around 8 oz which when plugged in to etools is indeed ONE point! I checked them twice and they are definitely nice :D

It's nice that one of my holiday traditions is actually quite good for me :D My mother always gets clementines around the Holidays.

Just thought I'd share the joy ;)
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some thoughts...

I have been on a plateau for about six months now. I've been tracking the whole time and have not once gone over my Daily+AP+FP on any week. Ever. Some weeks my weight crept up by half a pound., .2 lb., etc. I didn't understand what was going on. I know that I have been putting on muscle with the new trainer and much heavier lifting schedule but still...

Anyway, I looked back at the way I ate early on the plan, before I got "good" at it. And while I had a lot more points, I ate fewer sweets.

Yup, I'd been saving all my points for months every day for a big evening binge on 1Point sweets. The WW chocolate chip cookies and then a pizzelle (Italian anise cookie, the ones I buy are large and only 36 calories!) and then a pack of Hostess 100-calorie cupcakes. I tried to make sure that I had at least 4 and sometimes as many as 6 points an evening for my sugar splurge.

So last week I just stopped. Cold turkey on the sugar. If I want a sweet I take an apple or a pear.

I think part of the problem with the sweets was not only that they have no nutrition, but they also make me hungry. There were times when I had eaten a reasonable day worth of food and was suddenly craving more and more--sugar.

Has anyone else ever had this experience? has anyone experimented with eating/not eating sugar? IS this all in my head or does it make a difference? Thoughts?