December 4th, 2008


What is the Deal With this Acai Thing??

It's getting irritating, seeing ads for it all over the internet. It reeks of scam to me, but every time I try to do research about it over the internet, all I do is get flooded by fake blogs about how great it is and how I can sign up for a free trial.

So, what's the deal? I know there are no miracle cures, but why can't I find anything about debunking it?


I posted the other day about wanted to go to the gym early (before work).

Well today I did it! I set my alarm and was up at 6am. I went to my apartments gym (it's new and nice) and jogged/power walked on the treadmil for 35 min and stretched. Got my AP's and feel good. I think I feel good because I acomplished my goal even though it's one day. It's nice to have it over with so I can just go home and relax after work!

I don't feel anymore tired than I do getting up at 7! :)

I plan to keep this up. Tomorrow same thing but 45 min on the elliptical! :)

Also, I checked my weight this morning before the gym (missed WI last week since I was out of town for Thanksgiving) and it said I was up .6 since the last weigh-in. That just motivated me more. Now I am going to be extra careful with points and get lots of water in the next two days and get to the gym tomorrow and Friday for WI Saturday.

That is all! Hope you all have a good week!

Low point sugar cookies?

Does anyone have a low point sugar cookie recipe? Or ginger bread long as I can use a cookie cutter!

I used a WW recipe last year (I think from e-tools) and lets just say it was a disaster. They cookied weird and yeah...

I want to try again this year!
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(no subject)

I have been half assedly doing WW for quite some time. I'm going to do it more seriously at this point. I weigh about 185 right now. For those of you who were in my weight range and have had success using flex, is it better to use flex points or not? How many activity points did you need to log per week to see results? About how many points per day were you using? How much water were you drinking? Does drinking milk really make a difference? What about the healthy oils? Did you do Wendie?

I would just like to get some actual people's thoughts verses just WW cannon. TIA! And if you have before and after pictures you'd like to post, I'd love the inspiration.
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Three questions. Help?

Hey all!

Happy Holiday season!

I've made up my mind to recommit to the plan. I've veered WAY off and I'm now of epic porportions. I'd rather work toward epic weight loss :D I'm doing it online because I simply cannot get to meetings due to the way my work life will be changing.

I remember that my weight watcher leader told me that we don't start adding new excercising until week three because the change of diet is a shock to the system and the excercise is also a shock. Doing both at the same time can cause your body to react in such a way that it thinks it is starving and will store more fat. Is this true or am I remembering it all screwey? Should I wait three weeks before adding new excercise plans? I am sort of active now. But I plan to add more walking for the purpose of weight loss and workout tapes to my routine. Thanks for your responses in advance.

Next question. I have this recipe for soup that I just adore. It's not a weight watcher recipe just a recipe I found somewhere on the web. I plugged it into the recipe builder and it is 4 points a serving based on six servings per recipe. It has one onion, one potato, and 6 to 7 stalks of celery in it. It is called celery soup. The worst thing in it is some butter. Everything else is pretty wholesome and fat free. Are the veggies enough to consider a serving of this soup to be a serving of veggies?

Last question. I dislike the texture of some vegetables but don't mind the taste. Would blending the vegetables into small pieces in the blender and adding them into a soup or maybe a topping for some whole wheat pasta or some brown rice be alright and still be considered a serving of vegetables if I blended what is considered to be a serving size of vegetables?

Thanks in advance!!!

AP swap?

Okay, so I used all of my daily points and actaully went over by one. But, I had 4 AP points.

But it took that extra point out of my weekly 35?! Um, it didn't swap like it used to? Am I supposed to do this myself some how? I looked over the info about the new plan and maybe I read it to fast but I didn't really notice a lot of talk about AP points.

Does anyone know anything about this?


Kinda angry. I just joined WW Online about 3 weeks ago. So of course I buy the dining out companion and points book so I can have something with me to reference when I'm not near a computer. I'm reading up on the new plan now and if I read correctly the points have changed? So have I wasted my money on these books? I wonder if they'll refund me the purchase price.

yummy snacks!

I don't think I've ever actually posted here before. I've just been reading and commenting on other peoples entries. Well hello!

I'm interested to know your favorite snacks. I'm a huge nibbler and need some fresh ideas.

My personal favorites: Chips ahoy 100 calorie packs (2 pts), Yoplait light yogurt, and bananas. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE my little graham cracker snacks. Fat Free cool whip on low fat cinnamon graham crackers, frozen. If you haven't tried it! They're better than ice cream sandwiches. =)
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Oh hell no

They've gone ahead and fixed e-tools to the new plan.

When I type in an 8oz serving of coke I get the old 2 points.

But a 12 ounce coke has been changed from 3 points to 25.

This is not cool. I may have to say screw it and do my own thing. This is bull.