December 1st, 2008

Short Hair

wi week 6 sorry for the lateness


Sorry im late wasnt in work on friday so I totsally spaced on this plus ive been sick.

It's Weigh IN day!!!!!!
You have
up to and including Tuesday to post your Weights

This Challenge will run from October 24 - December 26 th  It will give us 10 weeks and will technically run into the winter but then we can start the Winter 09 Challenge or something =).

Please Post  your Weight from your most recent weigh in.  If you have not already and would like to join please just give me your weight and goal for the next 10 weeks

On or Before Thursday, I will post the updated spreadsheet! Then we will start all over again!

Don't feel obligated to participate if you don't feel comfortable with others knowing your weight etc. but challenges appear to be extremely popular! It's all in good fun, and many people find it helps them maintain accountability, especially if not attending weekly meetings.

Any one is welcome to join this just post your weight!

New to LJ

Well, hello!

I joined Weight Watchers Core yesterday and still taking it all in. I joined the online and I'm scared I'm going to mess it up.

My little facts

- I had prior to weight gain

1) So doing core, I've got 35 flex points to use on whatever I want I guess. But to make sure the rest is core - while using the website, if it has a check next to it, it's ok?

2) Any soups you recommend for Core? I'm a major fan of Hale and Hearty!

3) I assume butter is part of the 35 flex? I am a huge fan of my egg white sandwich in the morning with whole wheat bread, 3 egg whites, mayo and salt and pepper.

4) Core says you can have grains, but no bread (unless it's part of your flex points).

5) All fruits? Bananas? As much as I want? Can I then have freshly squeeze homemade OJ in the morning?

(BIG question) 6) What is the common mistakes people have with Core?

Any Core websites you guys recommend? Thanks!

Back on track....

So I hadn't planned on this but I ended up not following or tracking at all last month, ack! Crazy work week, vacation, sickness, moving, and Thanksgiving followed by more moving. I have no idea if I gained, but boy I feel flabby. I also have no idea where my bathroom scale is. But, this morning I found my food scale so I'm headed in the right direction.
On the 14th I'm doing the Seattle Jingle Bell Run.

So since today is December 1st, I'm back on track. I'm slowly but surely restocking my cupboards and fridge. I need to get out and start walking!

CW:210 ish?
GW: 160

So let me get this straight.... CORE PLAN

you can eat lean meats, fish, chicken - as long it's prepared in like a chicken broth and not fried or oily
any type of fruit and veg as long as it's in natural form - no sugar or syrups
1! cup at most of skim milk a day

- so really as much fruit as a I want - I love bananas but I hear so much bad stuff about them!

what is this 1 pudding a day? Like a jello fat free cup o' pudding instead of the 1 cup of skim milk?
And if I want cereal it has to be like sticks and rocks or puffs, no  raisin bran with that 1 cup of skim milk?

quaker oats maple syrup and brown sugar - you go into the flex points!

Where the hell is this smoothie thing coming in?

I just started so I am so sorry to ask you guys this, just cant f this up. I keep waking up to stretch marks fo real!

What cooking spray do you guys recommend so I can eat my eggs butter free?
What sugar substitute?

Do any of you ever use agave sugar?

any salad dressing that's your fav?

thank you thank you thank you!

Cup O' Joe

Interesting Gym Experience...

So tonight I was having an *amazing* workout.

Then the fire alarms went off. The people working said it wasn't a real fire, so we could keep going about our business. But the flashing lights and very loud noise was really irritating, not to mention I used to have epileptic seizures so I really couldn't workout as long as I wanted...I needed to get away from those flashing lights.

I'm wondering what other people out there do to get in the zone? Sometimes I listen to music, but I'm a violinist/orchestra director, and sometimes I start analyzing/thinking about tomorrow's rehearsal instead of focussing on the workout.

Have any good mantras? Clearing your mind suggestions?

Also, what do you guys eat/drink post workout? Does is matter what you eat or drink depending on what time of day you work out?