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queensuzi wrote in _weightwatchers
9 pounds!!!!!
I switched my weigh in from Mondays to Weds. and I am glad I did. Last week I weighed on Monday and had a .6 gain. I knew I had been doing well, but if I splurge it is always on the weekend. I was so dissapointed last week even though I realized it was because I weighed so close to a big meal.
I am so excited. This was my fourth weigh in. My first goal is to get out of the 200's!
I have a show in December. Last year I was embarressed. I work from home so I had never met my boss or my co workers. A few weeks before the show he asked everyone what size shirt to order. Ughhhhh, I told him AT LEAST an extra large. Well , he got a womens XL. I wouldnt even go past my boobs. It needed a good 6 inches before closing. They suggested just wearing a shirt under it and leaving it open. But even not buttoned it looked like my shoulders were going to rip apart . I couldnt wear the shirt. ughhhh, and to make it worse I am in the health supplement and vitamin industry, so I was meeting all these people who were really into health and here I was 100 pounds overweight.
I really hope I can wear that stupid shirt this year! I think this community is going to help sooo much with keeping me motivated.

Wii Fit
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nixxy311 wrote in _weightwatchers
I know some of you have the Wii Fit and was wondering if the weight it calculates is really different than your weight from a normal scale? The Wii Fit is saying I weigh about 8 pounds less than my WW scale. I tend to believe my real scale - just wondering if that is happening to anyone else.

Also regarding the Wii Fit - the Yoga is HARD. I've never done real yoga but holding those poses while trying to maintain balance..very hard for me ;)

ETA: Do you think it has to do with the fact that I use the Balance board on carpet as opposed to a hard surface?

ETA(2): I used the yoga mat and put the board on that and just took my weight again. Now there's a difference of like 10 pounds. I guess as long as I know the starting point of the board I can measure it against itself. Weirdness.

Wednesday's child is full of woe...
velvet_c wrote in _weightwatchers
...but not for the reasons you might think.

Today is my 39th birthday, and the number doesn't bother me in the least.  I'm gearing up to go out for my 1st 5-mile run in a few minutes, something I couldn't have done on my 29th birthday--or my 19th, for that matter.  And I'm doing it because I *want* to, not because I *have* to.  Plus, the scale was quite kind considering the last 2 nights' indiscretions.  I'm down 3 lb this week (TOM bloat gone, mostly).  I will go to my WW meeting and WI today with my head held high.

So why do I feel like I just lost my best friend?  Perhaps because I'm afraid I have.  He took me out to a concert to celebrate my birthday last night, but it wasn't pleasant.  We've had a big argument brewing for almost a week, and neither of us is either good at or enjoys fighting...so we finally got time to sit down and talk at dinner before the concert, and I had a couple of stiff drinks and nibbled at the fattening, disgusting spread we'd ordered (I ate most of the spinach salad, though) while we talked at length but didn't resolve anything. 

Fortunately, we didn't ditch the concert (especially since he'd paid so much for the tickets!) and for 3 hours I had a wonderful time.  The band was Duran Duran, and my very first love was John Taylor.  His poster occupied a special place on my wall in high school...but I had never gotten a chance to see them in concert.  I spent the whole time being free, enjoying the music, dancing like a fool (great way to burn calories!!) and singing my heart out.  He had a good time, too, although I don't think he was as into it as I was.

Once the concert was over, we walked back to the car (I swear I earned 8 AP just from the aerobic activity!) and waited to get out of the parking lot.  The 800-lb gorilla hopped in the backseat again and the ride home was not great. *sigh*  So now I'm trying to focus on happier things...the fact that I have the day off...I'm going for a run in the sunshine with my tunes (too bad there's no Duran Duran on my playlist!)...then after a shower I'll have a decadent pedicure...go to my WW meeting...and finish my tattoo.  We'll see how the day shapes up.

ETA: 5 miles in 52:16...not bad!  Side cramp hit at 2.7, so some of that was walking, but the running beforehand was fast and easy (holy cow, did I just say that?!?) so I alternated afterwards.

Also, my friend sent me flowers for my birthday.  He really is a great guy--we've been best friends for 9 years!--we're just having a major bump in the road.  Yes, my DH approves--they are like brothers.

If this keeps trending positive, it will be a good day. :-)

Weigh In
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melleecat wrote in _weightwatchers
Last night was weigh in and I lost 4 pounds!!
 I was very happy, but more importantly, I am learning NOT to freak out about the scale. I say that because, last week, I worked out consistently, ate right and only lost one pound. This week, I worked out less and made a few poor food choices and lost 4 pounds. So, for whatever reason, the scale may not show what we think it should, but as long as we are faithful to the program we will have success. My point: just keep on following the plan and it will all work out. Even if you follow it less than perfectly at times.
I love Weight Watchers! This is the easiest lifestyle food plan I have ever experienced. :)

quick list of restaurants providing nutritional info...
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thatsnotflab wrote in _weightwatchers
...sorry if many of you have already seen this, but my boyfriend forwarded it to me this morning, so i thought i'd pass it on: Consumerist list of restaurants that do/don't provide nutritional info.

you have to scroll down a bit to see the actual list. It basically covers most big chains, but i thought it would make a good bookmark if you're in a hurry and need to glance at a certain restaurant.

the valley
always_going wrote in _weightwatchers
This past weekend was my birthday and Memorial day. My families inability to interact peacefully with one another meant 3 family dinners, and additionally I had a cookout with a lot of my friends. The dinners were harder to get through. The cookout was fun - the only thing I conceded to were regular potato chips, because I do like them a lot. And it was my birthday! The rest of the food was fruit, veggies and burgers. I did have 1/2 cup ice cream with a small slice of my cake (SO good). So even though I had a .2 gain this week, I'm totally chill with it. It was my birthday, I ate out more than normal, and .2 isn't SO bad.

However, the past 4 weeks I've been stuck. A month ago (4/18) I was at 145.1, maintained for two weeks, and then dropped a mere .2 lbs. So now I'm back at 145.1. I've been eating most of my flex and APs, exercising, and except for this last week I haven't been falling off the wagon too much at all. I'm not convinced it's gaining muscle - I didn't start exercise with weight watchers, I've been pretty active for months. What's going on?? It's really frustrating and I'd like to see even a minuscule loss on the scale this week. Yeesh.

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mightymezzo73 wrote in _weightwatchers
Nothing like a fridge full of fresh vegetables to make one eat more of them! I joined a Community Supported Agriculture farm near my home for the summer and each week I get a share of the farm's current harvest. I did this not only to support a local small organic farm but to ensure that I would EAT MORE VEGETABLES. I admit I have a hard time getting those veggies in. I don't have any excuses now. I picked up my first share yesterday and I now have:
  • five huge bunches of spinach
  • asparagus
  • green onions
  • two heads of lettuce
  • radishes
  • "braising mix" (a small bundle of exotic spicy greens)
in my fridge. I have to eat all of it (or as much as I can) before next week's share comes in. I ate half of the asparagus for dinner last night (oven-roasted with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper...mmmm) and I've been cruising recipe web sites for ways to use up the spinach. I think tonight I'm going to try a spinach fritatta. I found a pretty good-looking recipe online and if I leave out the cheese it will become a Core recipe.

I will feel extremely bad if I end up composting or otherwise failing to use my (expensive) organic produce so this is going to be the summer of vegetables!

Comfort eating woe.
abitofanenigma wrote in _weightwatchers
How do you stop yourself from comfort eating? I have been off track for the past couple of weeks and I've been relying on comfort food more than I should be. I'm actually not worried about the weight I've put on, I'm more worried about my health! I'm supposedly on Core at the moment.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty stressful. After an incident where I flew to London and lost a lot of money and where my neighbour from hell came to my door to threaten me I've been in need of some comfort, and my boyfriend has been away (which is really bad for me too - being on my own at home stresses me out and I tend to lose interest if I only have to cook for myself). I've also been having health issues with my "monthly visitor," for which I became anaemic and they then put me on a high dose of hormone three times a day to regulate everything. This particular hormone is the one that made me put on the 20 odd pounds three years ago that I'm trying to lose now! I'm particularly sensitive to it and it makes my mood swing something rotten. Some days I'm having junk food three meals a day.

I just don't know how to break this cycle, especially when some element of it is chemically induced! I'm only on these pills for another 10 days but I want to be able to beat the urges before I come off it. It worries me though, before I started going on artificial hormones I never comfort ate, in fact I lost weight when I got stressed (not healthy either). But I feel so out of control. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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Those were great pumps
v3ruc4 wrote in _weightwatchers

This is my first post (and my first day!) on WW Core. So far so good. I've been googling my heart out and have been finding contradicting information on the flex points for the Core Plan. Some say 21 points, others 32 or 35. Which is it?

Thanks! And I really love this community. You are all very supportive and informative - not to mention inspiring!

Spring Challenge Results
marciagirl wrote in _weightwatchers

Here are the results from last week in alphabetical orde

Here are the results in RANKED order, from most percent lost.

Congratulations to these participants who reached their 10% goal in the challenge:

Congratulations to these people who are oh-so-close to the 10% goal!!

Congratulations also to these people who have lost weight during the challenge!!!

Now I hope the rest of you just forgot to post!! 

As a group we have lost a whopping 812 lbs!!!

Some questions
pezkid346 wrote in _weightwatchers
Hey Gang,

Ok so like I said I don't have any fancy meetings to go to. It's interesting how much my eating habits changed just in one day of doing this though. Realizing I can eat more of lower point foods and what not. Here's my questions.

1. I don't eat any vegetables. Not one. If something sneaks into my food, and I don't notice it until I eat it I won't gag, but otherwise, I will. It's mostly psychological but I can't get past it. The question, how can I work 5 servings of fruit into my day without eating nothing but fruit and without breaking the bank?


2. Flex points? Is the goal not to use those 35 extra points in the week. Are they there as a windfall for days when you somehow used up all your points by lunch and need a few for dinner or want to have a drink that you hadn't expected on having? Or should we use these without much discrestion. It seems like eating my 34 points would normally be enough, but yesterday I had to dip into my flew by about 5 points.

Thanks much.

holy crap!
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noexplaination wrote in _weightwatchers
check it out:

here's the whole list of things that were tested:

i'm so sad :(

FoodMatters Movie Trailer
createdestiny wrote in _weightwatchers

I don't know much about this upcoming movie but it sounds like a must-see.

EDIT: Turn on your speakers.

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fringebenefits wrote in _weightwatchers
What are some of the things you are looking forward to about reaching your goal weight?

I am looking forward to being able to shop at places besides Lane Bryant, swimming in the ocean in a bathing suit that I look and feel good wearing, crossing my legs with ease, being healthy and enjoy sex more fully.

Good luck everyone!

Question about water/crystal light and seasonings...
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rainorshine978 wrote in _weightwatchers
HI everyone!  I'm trying to re-commit to weight watchers as well as the gym/my trainer now that next week is my last week of school until fall.  I have a couple questions that I hope you guys can help me with.

I don't mind drinking water, but it is MUCH easier for me to drink it if I put in those little packs of Crystal Light on the go, which leads me to question #1 is it bad to put Crystal Light in all my daily water consumption?  #2, if I'm drinking 16.9 ounce bottles of water, how many do I have to drink a day to reach the recommended daily goal?

My other question is seasonings.  I WAS a salt freak.  I've since switched to salt substitute, I also use the pepper grinders (for salads etc)  and when I make my grilled chicken breast on the George Foreman grill I use the lemon pepper.  Is this bad??  Should I be counting this in my points balance?  Cause I haven't been and I've only lost a pound a week (over 2 weeks) so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong? 

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.  I just wanted to say that I check this community throughout the day while I'm at work (desk job *sigh*) and it really helps me stay motivated.  So a big thank you to you all!

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xx_kathy wrote in _weightwatchers
Au revoir sodaCollapse )

Any ex-soda junkies out there? Tell me if cutting out soda has helped with weight loss. How long have you been soda free? Favorite non carbonated drinks?

[VS} Curves are sexy
peaceolgy wrote in _weightwatchers
How do you curb your food cravings and/or stop yourself from over eating? I mainly eat well, but sometimes I'll eat to much and take in more calories then I'd like too. Any suggestions?


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