December 31st, 2004


Back on the wagon

I fell off the wagon about a week before Christmas and now I need to hop back on. I don't think I have gained a heck of a lot of weight back, maybe 2 pounds max, but I am lacking motivation, still. The weird part is that I don't really crave bad for me things, I am just tired and busy and I grab whatever I see. I have tried preparing veggies, but I don't normally look in the frigde when I want something, I look in the cabinet, what would be good to keep in there so I don't go overboard? I am starting up again this week so wish me luck, hopefully I can get it going again!

I not very happy with myself right now

I "fell off thw agon" recently, too. I was going to let christmas be a "splurge" day, but then I went out of town for what was suppose to be one night and ended up staying 5. I haven't followed WW at ALL in a week. I feel horrible. According to the bathroom scale, I've gained almost all the weight back. Granted, I'd only lost 6 pounds, but it took me 3 weeks to lose it and 1 to gain it back. I didn't go to a meeting this week because I'm too ashamed. I have one free-missed-meeting coupon that I'll be using for it. The plan came so easily to me 2 weeks ago. Now I almost feel like I've forgotten how to do it.
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ok i know i just joined but im already in serious need of help... ok here is my problem... im sitting here stuffed... i didnt over eat i just ate dinner normal dinner... im babysitting we had peas, turkey sandwhiches and the kids had juice i had milk... im so full but yet i feel the need to eat... you know it is like i need to put something in my mouth... i actually pathetically went into the bathroom and started to cry briefly before i looked my self in the mirror and desided to hop on my laptop and consult some experts what do i do... im physically full but emotionaly i need food this is something i never noticed untill today... now that i have vowed to eat healthy dont get me wrong im not in any way shape or form starving my self im eating 3 full meals and maybe one or 2 light light snacks only if im hungry im not sure where this need for food is comming from... some one what do i do... should i force myself to get over it with torture give in just this once or eat something healthy i dont know what to do anymore... thanks guys... and girls...
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