December 29th, 2004

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I Have A Dream.

Hi again. I'm kind of going at this cold-turkey, as I've been off the plan for a few weeks and am trying to jump right back into it. Does anybody know if there will be meetings this/next week? I want to go back, and my meeting is on a Sunday (in Austin, Texas) but I'm not sure if WW will still be closed for Christmas.

I did really well today, and I was home alone for quite a while and didn't fill up on empty calories while watching TV. Getting on the computer helps sometimes, too, mainly because my room is upstairs and the farthest place in my house from the kitchen.

Also joined the Weight Watchers forum at their website, and I'm hoping that might be helpful, too. I'm not exactly sure what just got me back on track - maybe it's that New Years is coming up, or that I'm finally doing better in school so I have less stress about grades, or that I'm finally dealing with my depression and am on steady medication - but I'm glad I'm here!

Is anybody else on medication that they worry might interfere with their weight loss? I've been on certain ones that have made me gain, but I feel all right on what I'm on for the moment.

I just hope this isn't one of those pre-New Years resolutions that will die a week into January.

My birthday is on January 23rd, and I'm at about 175. Do you think 7 pounds is a viable goal for then?
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I'm currently spiraling out of control. I can't stop eating. In two days I ate up all of my flex points for the week and to be honest I probably have gone over. It started Monday evening when I rear ended someone b/c I slid on black ice. Now I'm without car *my car needs repairs* (till a very very nice coworker is going to let me use thier spare car for a bit) and very depressed because I'm finacially strapped (insurence will pay but there's my deductible, the towing costs, the storage costs...) I'm trying to get back on track, but I know by the end of this week I will have gained. My food choices have been poor and gross amounts. But its like once I start I can't stop, and finding that motivation I once had is hard to come by again.

I really wanted to save those flex points for New Years Eve. Exercising is going to be difficult until I have access to a car since both the gym and my cardio kickboxing studio are not in walking distance (actually they're off highways) and at home there is no room to workout in. Plus in my area I can't really go for a jog or anything since there's snow and ice everywhere.

I'm depressed and emotional over eating is at an all time high.

Someone please kick my butt back into gear?
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