December 28th, 2004

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Wake Up, Pretty Girl. The Joke Is On You!

Hey - I'm new here. Name's Leslie and I was a regular member of Weight Watchers in my area for about six months with my mother. I was set on losing 30 pounds, but only got down 11 before both my mother and I got too busy and started with all the excuses.

It seems like the only meetings in my area were all older women - there were tons of seniors in my weekly meeting, and I want a teenage girl to talk to! Most of my friends are thinner than me, so it's hard for them to understand.

I'm at about 172 right now - gained back about 5 pounds from the 11 I had lost. Everyone always tells me that I don't look that big and are extremely surprised when they hear my weight, but I feel disgusting and want to stop my emotional binge-eating. Any suggestions besides going back to meetings? My mom and I are planning on re-joining... and hopefully that means I'll be inspired again.

Do you ever have issues with vending machines at school? That and being home alone are my biggest issues. When I pass that vending machine, I'm just extremely tempted to get a bag of M&M's, and then I just tell myself I'll use my weekly points for that. But whenever I use weekly points, I never lose weight.

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Any advice?
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Hi everyone :)

My name is Stephanie, and I began WW 3 years ago. I followed the Points system perfectly, and lost 54 pounds- and now, over the course of a very long and hard year, gained most of them back. I am bound and determined to do it again. My problem is, I've done it before, and I know I can do it again, but I've got to find that "thing," that feeling that really makes a person do it, you know?

Can anyone share what they've done in the past to get themselves going again? I've got a whole closet of cute, smaller-sized clothes to get back into.
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