December 20th, 2004

Weigh in #4

We had our 4th weigh in/meeting Thurs evening.
I hit 10lbs and my wife hit 6 and a fraction (woo hoo).
It was a good night in the meeting, several other people hit 5 pounds, and 1 person hit their 10% loss goal (they got a key chain!).

Now I hope for some advice. My wife is feeling a bit dejected because I'm losing weight faster than she is. Any thoughts on how I can help keep her spirits up and help keep her motivated?
One of the reasons I joined in was to support her goal to lose weight. I was not a member the first time she tried WW and it was very difficult for her. Now I've joined and it seems my own success is bothering her.
I'm hoping (as strange as this may sound) my progress will slow down now (I had 2 really big weeks, this last week was only .2lbs lost) so we are more in concert on our progress.
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I just wanted to say thank you for having this community here. I much perfer it over the WW message boards, which half the time I feel like I'm invading a rather "clicky" space.

Nice to be held accountable here!

Hope everyone is doing well in their own weightloss journey. Remember the gym, while it may seem like the 9th layer of hell, really is your friend... :)

Wondering what anyone here thinks of this recipe (I thought of it, haven't actually made it yet, I don't trust my impromptu creations sometimes lol)....

I was thinking of doing this with chicken breasts...

some chicken breasts
unsweetened apple sauce
fat free chicken broth
couple of apples peeled and sliced thin
ground cinnamon

slow cook all ingredients together in a crockpot (amounts to be worked out lol) I just didn't know if this sounded like something that would taste good...I'm just getting sick of the same old same old chicken. What do you think?