December 16th, 2004

at home??

I am curious if anyone does WW at home, on line, or any otherway besides not going to weekly meetings? If so how does it work for you? I was suppose to go to my first metting tonight, only to relize just last night that I just will not be able to do it. The meeting here in town is thursdays at 5:30, my daughter has riding lessons thursday at 6.. I have to leave at the latest 5:40 to get her there in time.. So there just isn't anyway to do the weekly meetings :( I was looking over the online version. I just curious if it is as helpful as the meetings?

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It's one of those weeks. My flex pts. reset on Sunday lol and I have 0 left till then. It's all good, we'll see how I fare on the scale. I only ate out of boredom on Sunday which is part of the reason why I have none left (actually a big part lol). I'm still working out, and hopefully on Sunday I won't have gained. My willpower is not the greatest this week, but its manageable. It'd be a heck of a lot easier if my family stopped getting takeout food and tormenting me with its smell (particulary pizza, I can't really stop at 1 slice).

I'm trying to get in a more postive mindset because it dawned on me recently that I cannot picture myself without my belly, my jiggly thighs and arms...I just can't see myself at a healthy weight. I'm working on's not that I don't want that or using it as an excuse to say screw this lol I just think it would help if I could envision the end result so to speak.

Hope everyone else is doing well and keeping with it!
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I don't know what I've done with my oints slider and I tried signing up for weight watchers e-tools (which, by the way, i think should be FREE if you are already a member!) and my credit card wouldn't go through. So would someone PLEASE too me how many points this is: calories-140 fiber-2 fat-3

and if anyone knows somewhere online where i can calculate this stuff for FREE i'd really appreciate it.

If not, if anyone wants to scan the pieces of the slider and email them to me so i can have a make shift one until my meeting next week, i'd really appreciate that too.
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I love you guys!

I just want to thank you all and say I LOVE YOU. I was seriously freaking out about my bag of chips and you all responded and helped me within a matter of minutes. Possibly even seconds.

If that's not support, I don't know what it.

Start Weight: 168.2
Current Weight (as of today): 162
Lost: 6.2 (they wrote down 5.8 though..)
Week: 3

(BTW, does anyone know of one of these ticker things that will track your success with each post you make? I have to create a new one everytime my weight changes. I want one you can just update.)

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What can I say? I'm a posting junkie today.

Today was my 3rd weigh in so I go the week 3 information about excersise points. I went to the gym today and had a pretty decent workout. But, looking at the slider, I see a BIG gap between "moderate" and "high" with nothing in between. Is it strictly one or the other, or can you say "I think I was 75% moderate, 25% high", make your mark and calculate from there?

My problem is I work out on an eliptical (sp?) machine to a CD. Some songs are much faster and I had 2 in a row that were EXTREMELY fast, so for about 8 minutes I thought I was going to die, lol. The rest was inbetween. How do I calculate it?
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