December 10th, 2004



I am lacking in the motivation department...big time. So far I have lost around 15 pounds and all was going well up until about two weeks ago. I haven't gained much back, maybe a 1/2 pound, but I don't want to keep gaining it back either. Problem is I have no idea why my motivatin is going south. I know I'm sleep deprived...I have a new baby, a 3 year old who hates to sleep and two other kids. I don't have a heck of a lot of time to worry about myself, so sometimes I don't get to eat when I should and then I'm really hungry and I totoally pig out, usually on good for me food, but I eat way too much of it. I know I do better when I plan my food choices for the next day, but then sometimes I don't have the time or I fall asleep as soon as the kids do. Now I'm really disappointed in myself I have about 80 more pounds to lose and I know I shouldn't look at that number as my goal for now, small goals are best, but I can't even seem to stay on track long enough to reach that. Does anyone else have these problems? And if you do what have you done to overcome them? I really want to get back on track and do my best, but I am having a really hard time...someone help...please!
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Hi all! I'm brand new to the community and wanted to intro myself! I'm just entering my 3rd week of WW and I can't say enough about how great this program is! I'm losing and I don't feel like I'm dieting...I feel like I'm eating healthy! Anyway, I came here for the extra support and to share the ups and downs of healthy eating! Thanks for the great recipes y'all have shared!!! I hope to add some too!