December 8th, 2004

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Yay for weight watchers!!

I lost 9 and 3/4 lbs this week!! My first week! :)

I was scared to get weighed in today.. I didnt think I was going to lose weigh.. I didnt feel like I was dieting! I could eat potatoes, bread, fruit... all things that are big no-no's on fad diets.



any one on core?
i'm switching this week and need some helpful ideas/hints/tips etc!!!!

thanks in advance!!

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Hello, ww community. it seems as if all of a sudden everyone is posting here, thats great. I've loved the "recipes" and ideas i've gotten from everyone.

I have been doing weightwatchers for 8 weeks so far and i have lost 13.6 pounds. I am very excited since this is the only diet that i have ever been able to stick to. I am doing flex and am trying not to use my extra points allowance in order to lose more quickly. I weigh in tomorrow so i will keep you posted.
: -)

I am hoping to hit the 15 pound mark tomorrow so hopefully someone will notice soon! I still haven't had anyone notice except my mom and my fiance, but they both know I am dieting and need support so its not quite the same.

Oh and here are some tips that save me when i feel like i might lose control and eat too much. The easiest way to be good i have found is make being bad an effort. For instance, if i want to eat bad high point snack food i have to leave the house and walk past a mirror on my way out the door. Also i like to drink the low sodium v8. If you drink the cans that are 11.5 ounces ( they look like a coke can) you have drank 2 servings of vegetables and its very filling as well.

i have actually found that this plan gets easier the longer i am on it. Plus, i love waking up in the morning and seeing a new number on the scale!!
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