December 7th, 2004

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My current favorite breakfast.

3 egg whites (1)
1/2 slice of cheddar (1)
handful of diced onion and mushroom (0)
2 slices Healthy choices low fat ham, dices (1/2 point).
Fry it all up in a little over a teaspoon of oil (1 1/2 points).
Serve it with or on a slice of bread (Aunt Millies honey whole wheat) high fiber, low fat. (1 point per slice).
5 points, a good sized meal with room for some extras on the side or in the skillet.
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I tried out cardio kickboxing last night for a free class....I promptly signed myself up for 3 months :) It's a good deal I can go whenever they have a schelduled class so there's no limit! If I go at least 2X per week it'll be worth it (money wise). I plan on 3-4 times a week :) What's really nice is 1 hour of cardio kickboxing equals 8 AP! Wooo that's another meal lol. As it was a couple of hours after class I was starving, so I ate naturally.

I'm down 6lbs...and I'm kinda hoping that by June I can be at my goal weight of 130lbs. Aim high I guess (or well in this case low).
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