November 16th, 2004

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Hello everyone!
I just barely joined and wanted to say hello to everyone. My name is Bridget I havnt started the weight watchers diet yet. I tried it in the past and didnt stick to it. My biggest problem with my weight is that I got my Thyroid taken out and now its extremly hard to lose weight..

Name: Bridget Leann W.
Location: Utah,USA
Current weight: 180-190 it likes to change
Height: 5'3
My goal is to get down to 160, after I reach that then I will decide how much more to lose. In the end I want to be around 120 which is what my weight was before getting Thyroid cancer and having my Thyroid taken out. I came to this comm. just for support from girls who are on the same diet and know how hard it is. I am sure my bf gets tired of hearing about me wanting to lose weight. Any ways, I am starting the diet tomorrow. Wish me luck!