October 22nd, 2004

black tears

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Hello All!

I am fairly new to ww, joined last Saturday. I have been doing pretty well OP and have lost already (I snuck a peak at the doctors office today). I am looking for online "buddies" as I do not have any friends on ww that I could gain support from. Interested? Post to me!

A little bit about me: I am 21 years old and a senior at the University of Tulsa. Major- English  & Minor-Religion. I have never been "thin" except in high school, last 2 years of it anyways. But I was basically starving myself (crackers and fruit) and I ran all the time (soccer player). I made myself pretty sick and eventually had to eat again. Then college and the skinny tall boyfriend that eats like a horse. Of course his habits rubbed off on me and before long I couldn't fit into anything. I have gained all 4 years here and I am DETERMINED to loose it before I graduate. I know I WILL do this. I am currently at 183 (ick!) and my ultimate goal weight is in the 150's (anywhere really!) I am 5'7.