October 20th, 2004

Im new too....

Age 26
CW 186
STG 175 by Thanksgiving
155 By New Years
LTG 130 by Summer 2005

Well Im new to this community not to WW. About three years ago I joined WW and went from 185 to 140. I lost 45 pounds in 8 months and I kept it off for another year. However I wasnt really sticking to the plan anymore cause after all I thought that was it...I was done now that I was thin. BOY WAS I WRONG! I got a job working in an office...where I sit all day for 8 hours straight, low and behold...I now am back right where I started at 185 plus a pound. I have been very depressed, and been hating myself a lot lately for letting myself get to this point. I have decided to join WW again...started today....and I have decided to totally give up fast food and coke (I live on this stuff which is sooo bad for you) Anyways...Im not sure if its because Im older now but its a lot harder to get motivated. And my best friend who weighed 150 a few months ago is down to 130 and is a excercise nut...she actually loves it and works out an hour every day! I know that should be encouraging...but its not because she makes me feel worse because all she ever talks about is her success.

If anybody has any advice on what the changing point was for themm (what made you say "OK thats it Im going to do this!"....what made them stick to it...Id really appreciate it. I need encouragement motivation really bad right now