October 12th, 2004


Just found this community! My name is Brooke and I'm 24 years old. I've been a WW's follower since Feb. 2004. I went from 168 to 135 from Feb. to July! However, I found out in the begining of August that I was pregnant and decided to stop following. What a mistake!!! Now I'm up to 150, and 4 1/2 months pregnant. So, I've decided to follow the plan again, as best I can, so that I don't end up a big fat mom in March 2005. I just need to be accountable again, and I'd like to lose a little bit of weight, maybe 5 pounds in the next month. Or just maintain the weight I'm at for a month or two. Gaining weight is so scary, even when I know it's what's supposed to be happening. Anyway, that's my short intro - looking forward to getting to know you all!