September 27th, 2004

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Hello Everyone. I am new here. This is kind of a journal for my weight-loss, and everything concerning my weight loss. I am currently at 155lbs and will begin Weight Watchers Flex points system tomorrow morning. I plan on combining my diet with a visit to the local YMCA atleast 3x a week. Also, drinking PLENTY of water. Can anyone give me any more tips or suggestions? Also, what is the formula for calculating how many points a certain food is? I seem to have misplaced my points calculator. Weight loss buddies would be greatly appreciated!

Also here are some goals:
Weigh 150 by November 1st.
Weigh 145 by December 1st.
weigh 140 by January 1st.
Weigh 135 by February 1st.
Weigh 130 by March 1st.

Do these goals seem reasonable?

Thanks so much for everything i hope to make some friends!