September 19th, 2004


New to the Community.

Hello everyone.

I've been on the Weight Watchers diet for about 3 weeks now. My boyfriend and I both gained weight last year and decided we should go on a diet. We choose WW because it looked to be the easiest to do. He is 177 and wants to get back to where he was when he graduated high school, which is 155. I'm 126 and want to get down to 115. The weights sound low, but I'm only 5'3" tall and he's 5'7".

I have three things I'd like some input on:
1) We've been eating the exact same things, but he's already lost weight and I haven't. He exercises more than I do, so that's a factor, but he wants to go off the diet when he's lost the weight he needs to lose and I'm afraid that I'll go off with him and that I'll gain the weight back.

2) We don't have a scale, so I have no way to monitor whether or not I'm actually losing any weight. He only thinks he is because his jeans are loser, and I don't think I am because mine feel the same. It's only been 3 weeks.

3) I cook for us every night and usually make lunches too. I've been using the recipes on, but I'd like some other ones to look at too. My boyfriend doesn't like a lot of vegetables and where we live we can't get fresh ones very easily, so I'm looking for stuff that uses more canned and frozen goods.

Thanks a lot!