September 8th, 2004

i'm new too

hey guys,

well, to be honest i haven't been to any ww meetings or anything but am prety muhc picking up the program from what i can find around the web. i'm currently 185 since i've gained a mass of weight this year. working with kids sucks! but anyhow. i am hoping to get back to my original weight of 150ish then perhaps move on from there. hopefully the program works as well as i've heard.

i've been getting the meals at the market because my life is kind of hectic and it's easier for me to grab on and heat it up later. i've been kinda stuck on breakfast foods though. i've heard lots about kashi and such but i was looking for something that would keep me full. also. what do you guys snack on throughout the day? and do you actually end up using all of your points? what about liquids might you guys have any reccommendations? i'm cutting soda out of my diet and am no longer eating junk food. all these questions! yes i'm sorry but i look forward to chatting with you guys more.

one more question though. have any of you guys lost weight so far, how much? i want to hear the good stories! :D