August 28th, 2004

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Greetings everyone. My name is Matthew and I live in Washington, DC. At the recommendation of my doctor I joined Weight Watchers in order to shed 20lbs. due to health purposes. I have high blood pressure. I am far from over weight, but I am carrying around 20 more pounds than someone my height should be. Currently I am 5 feet 10 inches and started WW's at 212.8lbs. on August 18. When I weighed in on August 25 I lost 6.2 lbs.!!!!!! I was so excited. I find that FlexPoints plan extremely easy (yes,it is time consuming), but it really makes me think before I eat. I have tried a number of the recipes. The garden soup and white bean and chicken soup are delicious.

Was wondering if anyone had any quick meal ideas or had a recommendation for one of the WW cookbooks for quick easy meals. There seems to be a lot of books out there.
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I was just wondering if there are any internet resource guides for how many points different foods have? Unfortunately, I'm not able to join WW until the middle of September. I am 220 lbs and when I do work out, it's usually cardio for 1.5 hours about 3 times a week. I gained 3 more pounds although I haven't eaten any differently.

I tend to make poor nutritional choices and so I eat a lot of calories. I don't mind working out (when I'm not tired from working and school), but I always have a problem when it comes to food because I get stressed when I think that I can only eat certain things. At times I feel that I binge as a result. I figure this may be a good place to start since I obviously need to practice control with food and learn to make more nutritional choices.

I am very proactive about this issue especially since I gained 35 pounds over the past year. I know that I will benefit much from changing my lifestyle. Weightwatchers appears to be the right way to go. Any help and or tips in the meantime are appreciated!

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