August 20th, 2004

awsome Kodamas

Seeking motivation

Hi this is my first post to your group. I have been gratefully successful with the weight watchers program. I have lost 71 pounds but am still not at my goal weight. I seem to have lost my willpower and am falling back into old habits. Latley , over the past 2 months , I will be on the program for a week or less and then go back to binging on the fatty foods I love. I have switched jobs recently and schedules. I work nights now with allot of people who love to order take out and a thousand of other excuses that dont really matter. Anyhow I am hoping to find my motivation again. Im thinking that seeing other people dedicated to the program might help me out. I could definitly use the support. Lately I have been feeling like the only one to turn down ice cream and other high fat delights.
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