January 1st, 1970

positivity is the new black

ww may not be working out for me.

i am only on my 3rd week of ww and i have to admit, i am having a really hard time. the first 2 weeks, i made a ton of my own food and ate at home and lost almost 6 pounds. i went to a wedding last weekend and ate horribly and have been continuing my bad streak the whole week. i thought ww was supposed to feel like a diet but it does to me and i feel like i am depriving myself, thus binging this week.

most of the days, i do great until the end of the night. i don't think i'm getting the most bang for my points because i'm usually hungry at night.

for example one of my problems is my favorite sushi restaurant makes this miso tahini creamy salad dressing..i have no idea how to gauge how many points it is? or what if i have this sushi roll i love with tuna, shrimp tempura, and avocado..how do i calculate the points? also there are theses cream ices i love, ralph's ices (they don't have nutritional value) and they have a ton of flavors. i def wouldn't eat like this everyday but when i have no idea how many points things i love have, i get stressed and i'm like "i guess i just won't eat it." causing me to act out.

i def don't want to go weigh in tomm...i feel like i've gained all my weight back. i'd rather go back next saturday with a happy weigh in.

thanks so much for all the supportive comments you have all given me so far!