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Belated introduction

Here I've been posting for a couple of weeks with no introduction. How anti-social of me.
I'm Matt, age 39, 5' 6".
Weight when I started WW: 194
Current: 185
Initial goal: 176
Long term goal: ????

I've weighed within 5 pounds of 185 for about the last 15 years, regardless of what condition I was in. When I was doing significant regular exercise I weight about the same, it was just distributed a little differently.
This is the first time in my life I've done anything that has had a significant impact on my weight. It has also had an effect on my general sense of well being. Right now I'm trying to figure out how far I want to go with this. According to the "statistical averages chart" my goal weight should be around 145lbs. I haven't weighed that since before high school. I"m kind of in limbo right now so I'm just taking it a week at a time to see how it feels.

I want to bring up an interesting occurrence in last weeks WW meeting. When one of the attendee's got her 5 pound star the meeting leader brought out a piece of "fat". Take a look at My Pet Fat.
He handed her a 1 pound piece of "fat" and said "You've lost 5 of these". It was both a little disgusting and quite an eye opener. Visual aids are a fascinating way to help continue weight loss motivation, or maybe get motivation going.
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