Name: Jenna
Age: 32
Height: 5'7"
SW (starting weight): 267
CW (current weight): 264
GW (goal weight): 150

Hi everyone! I'm brand new to this community, and have just come back to LJ after a few years.

First week!

I have done weight watchers in the past with success, but difficult life circumstances and using food as comfort have led me to start again. This was my first week and I lost 3 pounds. I feel great and I'm motivated. I got the activelink, and while I'm only in the assessment phase - I already love it!

how did they know i would come back?

I started Weight Watchers in September 2011.

I jumped out of Weight Watchers in October 2012. I lost what I wanted, but I joined a new YMCA and thought I would be fine on my own.

I rejoin Weight Watchers in June 2013. Did not do fine on my own. Net gain of 20lbs. When I went to register online, lo and behold, they kept all my account info. While I appreciate the restoration of all my old data, how did they figure it would be nice to hold onto it? I would like to hope that this is for the sake of continuity and not the result of cynical analysis that concluded I would come crawling back. 

Weight Watchers

I just finished my first month on Weight Watchers. I even went over my splurge points by 40 last week and still managed to drop 3.6 lbs. I am so impressed with all of this. I have lost almost 7.8 lbs in total the first month and I didn't work out or stick to it perfectly, though even when I went over I still tracked. I feel so inspired. I really want to connect with other members and have a support group kind of thing going on. If anyone wants to read my weekly updates, you can see my blog at (but don't feel pressured to of course!)

Any words of encouragement for the day?

Blah days

I suffer from anxiety.. So there are days when I am so blah I don't feel good enough to do things. Therefore working out has not been on my To-do list for these past days.. -__-

But I have not gained weight.
Cw: 151.4
body fat went down i'm at 28.2

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New Here!

Sort of! I've been watching the community for a while and have been on and off WW since I was around 15. However, I just rejoined the program on 3/2/13. I'm not going to meetings or following online, I've got an app on my phone that has all the tools that I have been using!! So now for my stats!!

Height: 5'2"

SW (3/2/13): 301.4

CW (as of my sunday weigh in): 292.6

Goal Weight: Right now I have small goals. Lose 10, 20,30, etc pounds. Ultimately I would love to get down to around 140 pounds.

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Hi guys my name is Crystal, I am 25 years old. & my height is 5'4

SW 157lb

CW 153

GW 135

I had a horrible break up 2 years ago and I let myself go but eating everything bad! I was always a fit girl, always worked out and ate right. Now I am getting back on track of things. Ive been eating super clean for the past 2 weeks and lost weight already. As far as me exercising, I work out using a fitness ball. I am beyond motivated. Summer is coming up and I want to wear shorts & skirts =[ I am bottom heavy. So my I gained a lot on my thighs. 29% of body fat I have & it needs to go!!

I love to cook & bake. All healthy stuff I will be posting picture & recipes of mine to share. I want to stay motivated, So I hope this community will do just that!

who said I cant have burgers & fries?


New member

Hi, I'm Helen and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. I joined WW (for about the 5th time in my life) back on 21st Jully 2011, so Ihave been on ProPoints for some time now. Our leader Gwen weighs us in Stones and pounds (14 pounds in 1 Stone) so I will refer to both in my weight losses (I  hope!)

Start weight : 18st 0lbs (252lbs)

Weight now : 14st 0lbs (196lbs)

This summer my daughter will be 18, and to celebrate we are going for a vacation to Walt Disneyworld, Florida. Although we have been there a number of times, I have never been slim, so that is my focus and my goal. I still have a way to go but I know that the closer I get to target the harder it will be to lose the pounds. I hope that by joining this community I can keep mu motivation high :-)