Gwen Stefani


I was going to post a letter to Gwen,
does anybody know what I will recieve if from her, or if she has an e-mail address I can e-mail the letter to?
She's my first celebrity fan-mail person, that I'm sending it to, so any opinions or ideas would be great!



Hats no for sale!!!

Hey everyone, so I went on the harajuku lovers website and i noticed you can buy the brown and yellow beanies now...I was just wondering if anyone had bought it, and if it is big and loose like the ones Gwen wears or if it is tight like a skull cap...please comment thanks!


I was wondering if anyone knew about the rasta beanies Gwen is always caught wearing, and also they were in her recent runway show, if they are going to be a part of her line, or if they arn't the brand they are, they are so cute and i def need to get my hands on one....comments are much appreciated!!

(no subject)

(no subject)

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