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grrrly news 09/02/07 - we have brains [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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grrrly news 09/02/07 [Sep. 1st, 2007|09:13 pm]
we have brains



Current Events

The World's Most Powerful Women

For the second year in a row, Angela Merkel, the first woman to become chancellor of Germany, ranks No. 1 on our list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women.

After 10 Years, Fascination With Diana Hardly Fades

Ten years have passed since Diana, Princess of Wales, died and Britain erupted in a febrile convulsion of grief and anger, but in some ways you would hardly know it

Collection reveals a Freudian mind

Janine Burke recalls how she fell in love with the great psychoanalyst's extraordinary collection.

Today’s women are SUPERHEROES

In the past two decades, women’s responsibilities and economic involvement within their families have changed drastically. In the 1960s, a woman’s responsibilities typically included household maintenance and child care. Today’s ladies are “superwomen” — they do it all.

A Social History of the Bra

One hundred years ago, Vogue coined the term 'brassiere' and launched a billion-dollar industry that changed the way women dress for ever.

HHS Toned Down Breast-Feeding Ads

In an attempt to raise the nation's historically low rate of breast-feeding, federal health officials commissioned an attention-grabbing advertising campaign a few years ago to convince mothers that their babies faced real health risks if they did not breast-feed. It featured striking photos of insulin syringes and asthma inhalers topped with rubber nipples.

Women encouraged to try out new urinal

Women are to be asked to provide their feedback on a female urinal that has been incorporated into an exhibition of more than 30 toilets through the ages, a media report said on Thursday.

In the Courts

ERA Supporters Press Their Case Again and Again

Supporters of the Equal Rights Amendment are hopeful that the time is right for ratification of the change to the U.S. Constitution. Florida, in particular, is a hotbed of activism. The amendment has waited since March for a hearing in Congress

Women Around the World

More reason for larger roles by women

EVEN as Malaysia celebrates five decades of independence and progress in general, there are some areas that have seen a regression over the past five years.

Among these is women’s participation in the work of the nation, and in public representation specifically.

Pro-Choice Ugandans Steer a Gradual Course

Abortion has long been a no-go topic for local politicians in Uganda torn between health workers and the influential Christian church. But as the rest of Africa begins to shift its stance, pro-choice activists are carefully making their mark.

French troops 'raped girls during Rwanda genocide'

French soldiers stationed in Rwanda during the genocide in 1994 have been accused of "widespread rape" by a Rwandan commission investigating France's role during the conflict.

Delhi schoolteacher arrested for forcing girls into prostitution

Uma Khurana, mathematics teacher at Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya on Asaf Ali Road in central Delhi, was arrested on Friday for allegedly forcing girl students into prostitution and to act in pornographic films.


Katrina's Gender Focus Offers Lesson for Recovery

After Hurricane Katrina, women's funds were quick to respond and help women lead recovery efforts in their communities. Two years later, Sara Gould and Cynthia Schmae say a focus on women provides lessons for disaster relief and aids social change.

Two Years Later, Castillo Forsakes New Orleans

Two years after Hurricane Katrina, Michelle Castillo and her family have rebuilt a life in Florida, with no intent of returning. For many of those who have, life in what was called the Big Easy is fierce and services scarce.

See Jane Run. See Her Run Faster and Faster

Of course, there are lots of reasons to run, and not everyone cares about winning a race or winning his or her age group. There is nothing wrong with running for fun or to clear your head after a long day. But serious running is very different from the more casual running I used to do. And now that I’ve grown more committed, I am starting to notice something odd about women and running.

Shiite’s Tale: How Gulf With Sunnis Widened

Shatha al-Musawi, a Shiite member of Parliament, first encountered the Sunni-Shiite divide on the day the Americans captured Saddam Hussein. Hearing the news with a close Sunni friend named Sahira, Ms. Musawi erupted like a child.

Girls in the wilderness: Lessons from dirt and cold

We all know the great American myth of "Men Bonding in the Wilderness" by camping, hunting and fishing. Now, more and more women are realizing that friendships forged during outdoor activities can be the most rewarding. Here is my story:

Postfeminism: Innocuous Descriptive Term or Crock of Antifeminist Poop?

Postfeminsm, both the term and the concept, has pissed me off since I became aware that there was such a thing. As I see it, the history of the term, most of its usages, and the communities that have sprung up around it suggest, its primary meaning is that feminism is an unattractive buzzkill and also so very over, so it’s past time to move on to more fun, carefree matters. Or, as a friend of mine recently put it, “Let’s forget liberation and go shopping; mmm, yay big cocks.”


Passive Smoking Increases Sleep Disturbance Among Pregnant Women

Pregnant women exposed to passive smoking are more likely to have sleep disturbances such as subjective insufficient sleep, difficulty in initiating sleep, short sleep duration, and snoring loudly or breathing uncomfortably, according to a new study.

Women keep date with safe sex, says study

Condoms are good but a growing number of married women in India feel traditional contraception methods are better.

Over the past decade, they have shown growing preference and trust for traditional contraception methods like withdrawal and periodic abstinence, according to a government report based on data from across the country.

Study suggests premenopausal women need estrogen

American scientists in a long term study have found estrogen may protect the brains of premenopausal women from cognitive impairment and even dementia later in life.

Cervical cancer vaccine for women

When the first vaccine against the virus that causes cervical cancer was launched last year, many women were excluded from being potential beneficiaries because of their age.

Gardasil, produced by US-based drug company Merck & Co, can only be administered to women up to the age of 26.

Pregnancy stress causing eating disorders

One in 50 women develops an eating disorder while pregnant because of the stress of carrying a child, a survey has discovered

Girls who begin dieting twice as likely to start smoking

Starting to diet seems to double the odds a teenage girl will begin smoking, a University of Florida study has found.

UF researchers, who analyzed the dieting and smoking practices of 8,000 adolescents, did not find the same link in boys, who were also less likely than girls to diet, according to findings released Friday in the American Journal of Health Promotion

Business and Financial

Industrial estates for women in all districts

Minister inaugurates a three-day international symposium of women entrepreneurs

First industrial estate in the country for women entrepreneurs was promoted in Ranga Reddy

New Data Available on Women-Owned Firms

Women-owned firms employ nearly 13 million people and generate $1.9 trillion in sales, according to the latest data from the Center for Women's Business Research.

Blacks, women lag behind in building jobs

Blacks and women continue to lag in construction jobs despite the increase in transportation funds spent on roads, bridges and mass transit and the national building boom, according to a Saint Louis University study out today.

More moms start businesses to stay at home with families

The terms "mom entrepreneur" and "mompreneur" have become part of pop culture as more mothers start their own businesses to create flexible work hours or incorporate their children into their work. One-woman businesses, the group that most new mom entrepreneurs fall in, have been growing at 18 percent from 1997-2004, about twice the rate of the national average, according to the center's data released last year.

Labor Day quandary: How can women close a stubborn wage gap?

A quarter-century ago, U.S. women working full time earned a measly 59 cents for every $1 earned by men. The fact that they now earn 77 cents to the dollar is a peaked cause for celebration.

Since 1963, the law has required equal pay for equal work, so what could possibly explain such a glaring disparity in annual median income?

Work and Motherhood -- Still Hazy After All These Years

I've never liked the term: working mother. It says that I am some kind of sub-category; not a full member of the club. Maybe I'll feel better about it the day I hear someone called a "working father."

Company launches goddess porcelain

Prouds launched a porcelain collection of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi made by Lladro two weeks ago. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, luxury, fortune, beauty and luck.

Science and Technology

Egg freezing now available to all women

WOMEN are to be offered for the first time a dedicated egg freezing service that will enable them to have a healthy baby when they choose.

Knee Replacements, Designed for Women

Boomers are beginning to get their knees replaced, and this year, about 300,000 women will undergo the surgery. Subtle differences in female anatomy have led to the development of gender-specific implants.

Stereotypes turn girls off to math, science

The days of sexist science teachers and Barbies chirping that "math class is tough!" are over, according to pop culture, but a government program aimed at bringing more women and girls into science, technology, engineering and math fields suggests otherwise.

African Union Holds Conference on Women in Science and Technology

The African Union has opened the First Conference of African Women in Science and Technology in Johannesburg, South Africa. The three-day conference, which began Wednesday, brings together leading female scientists to discuss their role in science and technology in Africa’s development.


Catholic Women Press Their Fitness for Priesthood

Two Roman Catholic women were just ordained in Minneapolis, joining a roster that is condemned by Rome. On another front, advocates who prefer to engage the Vatican on female ordination pursue a "Ministry of Irritation."

New Take On Modern Jewish Women Writers

"A lot of research was going on, and what I was hearing was, these women were feminists. They had turned their backs on Judaism," said Dr. Avery. "That was the interpretation of these scholars."

Dr. Avery didn't agree. Her image of Jewish women writers was quite the opposite. "I felt strongly that a lot of their literature reflected their connection to their Jewishness, to their heritage," said Dr. Avery, although it might be subtle and expressed in different ways, depending on the era in which these women lived.

Debating Domestic Violence in Religion

"As the Church submits to Christ, so should also wives submit to their husbands, in everything."

Inquisition 2008: Candidates Get Grilled by the Media's Holy Standards

Presidential candidates are getting barraged by the media on questions about their prayers, their sins, and their beliefs on religious doctrine -- and some of them seem to enjoy it.

Gay and Lesbian

Gay studies programs thriving on U.S. college campuses

Before he transferred to San Francisco State University from its sister school in rural central California, Emo Loredo knew only a few other openly gay students.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when he discovered his new college offered not only classes such as Homophobia and Coming Out, Gay Love in Literature and Queer Art History, but a full-fledged undergraduate minor in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies.

Lesbian priest is nominee for post of Chicago bishop

The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, the dean of Cleveland’s Trinity Cathedral since 2000, is one of three women and the only openly gay candidate recommended by a search committee, the Chicago Diocese announced Tuesday.

Risky strategy used to help Iranian lesbian

A campaign to help an Iranian lesbian avoid deportation from Britain and a possible death sentence back home is drawing criticism.

Scott Long, the gay rights program director at Human Rights Watch in New York, said British activists have waged “a remarkably effective campaign” this month to help 40-year-old Pegah Emambakhsh."

Maine allows joint adoption. Lesbian couple makes history and adopts their foster children.

Two Portland women who have fought for the past six years to adopt two siblings, now aged 10 and 6. And now the Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled in the lesbian family's favor.


Eight women and a camera

Our Life, Our Film portrays Gujarat’s struggle for survival through stories narrated by these women — some of whom have never seen a camera before. “The film is important in the larger context of culture because most of the media-generated content is driven by vested interest or caters to moneyed consumers,” says Zubin Driver, network creative director of CNBC’s TV-18 group, which has short-listed the film for the channel’s Through the Looking Glass series.

The invisible women

Virginia Nicholson's Singled Out chronicles the women left alone and vilified after the First World War, says Hilary Spurling

Sorry, Paris. It takes talent to be a real bad girl, says Frances Wilson

Only good girls write diaries, Tallulah Bankhead noted; bad girls don't have time. Those bad girls who are still standing produce memoirs instead.

Strong women everywhere on new fall shows

It’s a trend that repeats itself. Usually strong female roles are reserved for occasional leads or a few standouts in ensemble casts, but every few years the pendulum swings, and a rush of shows come out featuring women in power positions. One of those rare cycles is about to start again.

Tough-minded teen girls spring to life in comics

DC Comics recently unveiled Minx, a graphic novel line aimed mostly, but not exclusively, at teen girls and young women. "The Plain Janes," the first book, received universal raves and sold well when it came out in May. It deserved it.

The Next Generation

Rise in India's female foeticide may spark crisis

Increasing female foeticide in India could spark a demographic crisis where fewer women in society will result in a rise in sexual violence and child abuse as well as wife-sharing, the United Nations warned

NYC teens lag in birth control pill use

Teenagers in the city are about as sexually active as youths elsewhere in the country but are less likely to use birth control pills, a new study says.

A survey released Wednesday by the city's health department found that 8 percent of the city's sexually active teens reported that they or their partners were on the pill, compared to 18 percent nationwide.

'Girlology' advises younger girls

Teen girls can turn to an upcoming book, authored by two female doctors, to get answers to those nagging "everything-you-want-to-know- but-are-too-afraid-or-embarrassed-to-ask" types of questions.

Learning healthy relationships don't hurt; Teen girls finish dating lessons

Child and youth counsellor Jen Merritt said the teens in the HEART (Healthy Emotions and Attitudes in Relationships for Teens) program will leave with a better understanding of what constitutes abuse and how to prevent victimization.

"It is about having an understanding of what is out there and how to stop it from happening," said Merritt.