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why do you think that you have to hit me to love me. You say you love me and care about me, well now a lot of people can see how much you love me. YOU SON OF A BITCH!! I am not doing this again. I can't be with someone who hits me for being me. I told you its done, and I dont want to be with you. Get it through your head. So I guess what I am good for is just a hit when ever you feel like it! I am not a fucken punching bad I was your girl. I never cheated on you and I would have never. Now you'll never know. You need to find someone to help you. I am never gonna be there for you, I just can't. Last time I almost lost my life, I will never get into a relationship like this one again. I may care about you, and now I dont give a fuck. Now you know why I could never tell you I love you, something in me told me I didnt. So I am going to have to heal from this.

Why why do men think they have to hit a girl they say they care about? Can someone help me understand that one. Did I do something wrong?
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