Annie (moviequeen2002) wrote in _weerdest_luve,

Hey I am new


There isn't really much to say how I feel except in this poem, enjoy.




You have no idea how much I miss you

I want to tell you that in every possible way I can

But you are consumed with a broken heart

What do you think I have been having?

The way you feel now

Is how I felt the day you left?

I want to sympathize with you

But how can me

When I still love you

But your heart is somewhere else

I want to make love to you

Like you don't know

I want to know where your heart is

You made a choice

Yet I am still here

My heart is calling out to you

You made an offer I can't refuse

But where is your heart

Not like I could mend it

Nor can you mend mine

But of course you wouldn't know that

You seem to think I am fine since you went away

But now you are calling back to me

As I am calling back to you

Things aren't like what they were before

It’s different this time

I can't say how I feel

Because that just wouldn't work

When you are feeling like this

And I like this

Its just one big mess

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