you`re the reason why I smile _____x3 (xo_dilemma) wrote in _weerdest_luve,
you`re the reason why I smile _____x3

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you have this way of meaning everything and nothing to me at the same time <l3

*new to the community* =] i saw it on xilovenoel`z journal [&] sOo i joined.
me and my ex broke up like a month ago [&] i love him..still..but he sends sOo many mixed signals...i go with som1 else now ..but i still love him and i don`t know wen i`ll get over him =[ he`z sOo dick 2 me..if i make any public entryz on my journal he commentz the dumbest fucking things..he IM`z me only 2 say fuck u.or u`re a hoe.or shit like that..i dont get watever i decided fuck him..i`ll jus be a dumfuck rite bak [&] we dont talk ..unless we`re cursing each other out..the really fucked up i love him..but i hate him!?.i dont know why the fuck its like this..everytime he says something stupid..i know i should just let him go on..and eventually he`ll stop and it`ll be watever..but i answer anyhow..i dont fucking get it..i can`t possibly love him..he does the most fucked up shit..i could never go back with him
..i never did shit to the kid..and he`s sOo dick all the time..=[..i mean i try not to let it faze me and crap..i just dont understand...
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