I am trying to understand why I feel such a void in my heart---like something is missing and it has now been a YEAR!!!!!!!!!-----------------i hate this--------
Men are out for themselves. I am going to start playing by their rules. I am tired of playing by the rulessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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loves a pain in the ass

im new to this group, howdy! im guna let out how i feel, i hope im not alone in this feeling here!

i loved you once
i would of done anything for you
but you spat it back at my face
you chose her, HER? my kinda "friend"
well theres nothing i can do but to move on
just talk 2me from time 2time, is that2 much 2 ask 4?
ofcourse it is, you prefer her company
fine. ignore my existance..
some day youl love me like i loved you, some day youl want me like i wanted you, some day youl need me like i needed you, someday youl want me back, but i wont want you.
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my issue...

can someone read my journal from this morning at 12 am and see what you think? i'm really confused right now and plus i just joined this live journal thing so i really don't know how to work it thanx.

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ahh this community is dead and i always forget about it so if anybody wants the password to it ill give it to you and you can do whatever you want with it! if not ill just delete it! let me knooooow
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these feelings i have are putting a horrible restraint on my current relationship. but thee's no way out...

and i've already fallen so hard for this other guy. i don't know what to do. either way, i know i will probably be unhappy... and either way, i'm going to hurt, and i'm going to hurt someone else.

fucking horrible person.