We are sweet....

'cause we can get down.

_ We are sweet
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you only belong in this community if you are "truly" sweet. and we will determine that with your application.


  but first.. lets get to know your mods. =)

Jade: playwiithme

Charlene: forever_ending



1. Must have (atleast) 2 pictures.

2. Please fill out an application, and everything in the application.

3. When you are accepted and you are voting on people who applied please put more then just "yes i like you" or "no your ugly" in other words elaborate

4. Once you are accepted promote as much as possible

5. You have 2 days to fill out your application within joining the community

6. You can come back 2 more times if you are rejected, but first get new pictures, or just wait a week.

7.  Member are allowed to be as bitchy and mean as they want to be. If they say something that offends you, to bad, its their job.

8. With that said, no fighting wit members of the community, especially if your not an accepted member.

9. No nude pictures please =)

10. If you are accepted vote as much as you can.

11. Please be atleast 13 years of age.

12. So we know you read the rules please put "monkey see, monkey do" at the top of your application

13. Please put your application and pictures under an lj cut.

14. Once you are in you can vote / post lyrics/ advertise/ rant about anything all you like.

Fill out every field of the application.


Favorite tv show(s):
Favorite movie(s) and why:
Favorite book(s) and why:
Favorite lyrics and why:
Favorite band(s) and why:

What are your best qualities?
Why do you think you should be accepted?
Who is your role model and why?

Please promote us to 2 other places, where did you promote?:

Your feelings on:
Gay Marriages
Medical Marijuana
President Bush

Fun questions:
If you had 1 million dollars,what would you do with it?
What are your feelings on Hilary Duff?
Lindsay Lohan?
Whats your favorite quote?
Whats your dream job?
dream car?
Are you single?

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