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Effing Hawt

A New LJ Rating Community

_weareffinghawt; A Hawt Rating Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
_weareffinghawt is a rating community. To join, read the rules, join the community then post your application. Thank you.

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Community Photobucket
How To Take A Good Picture
How To Take A Good Picture; #2
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Kwebb ..................... Lunchbox

Activities MOD

Promotion MOD

♥Make all posts FRIENDS-ONLY.
♥You must apply to join. And you must be stamped by a MOD to post.
♥Be as harsh as you'd like. We're trying to up the rating standards here. We don't want to be a joke.
♥To vote; put 'yes'/'no'/'sway' in the subject line. Otherwise, your vote WON'T count.
♥You CAN promote. But only under two conditions. You must be accepted as a member. And you must promote us there after you're accepted. :) We scratch your back, you scratch ours.
♥You can bash the person being subjected to rating all you'd like--- but do NOT bash their friends in their other pictures or their boyfriends/girlfriends or their family. They don't include pictures of those people for the family/friend/S.O. to be rated-- so just don't do it.
♥Members: Be sure to check back and update us periodically! Even if it's just with a little 'hello'. But we do love pictures. But make sure they're under an LJ cut that says you're a STAMPED member.
♥We have a bi-weekly theme. Participate.
♥Tell the truth! Don't say 'no' on an application because someone is prettier than you. And definitly don't say someone is ugly if you know it's not true. That's just not cool.
♥No discrimination. If you disagree with an opinion, whatever, but don't bitch about it.
♥When voting, give reason why you are giving a 'yes' or 'no'. Even simple +/- are fine.
♥Be active. Vote for people. Participate in the community. Don't just join and run, that's mean.

♥Make your application FRIENDS-ONLY.
♥You need to be accepted and STAMPED by a MOD to post ANYWHERE but your own application. Do not VOTE on other members or comment on theirs posts.
♥To be accepted you need to get a 'yes' from at least ten of the members. This number can change at any given time. The number will go up with the amount of members we get.
♥We aren't here to baby you. If you can't handle being told you're ugly-- this community isn't for you. We're brutal.
♥If there is a tie, the mods will deliberate and make the final decision.
♥Can't spell? Get a dictionary, dummy.
♥Under fifteen? Kindly come back when there are fifteen candles on your lovely birthday cake.
♥Don't fight with members, especially mods. This could result in an automatic ban or automatic rejection stamp.
♥You get fourty-eight hours (that's TWO days, dipshit) to post an application after joining the community. After that... suck for you, BYE!
♥Be active. Vote for people. Participate in the community. Don't just join and run, that's mean.
♥Put your name in for the subject of your application.

There are more than one applications that you can fill out. Look them all over and choose the one that is best for you. The MODS don't prefer one over the other-- so you can choose based on what you feel would work best for your personality. If you have good writing skills, I suggest the Personality Application. If you have good taste, the Favorites Application is for you. If you're drop dead gorgeous, the No Personality Application is for you. Check them out before applying.

Personality Application
In this application, your personality will help you out along with your looks. So, if you think that your looks are sub-par, but you have a great personality-- you should choose this app. Personality and looks weighed equally.
Be sure to put this under an LJ cut that says, "I Have Personality". Let's see how well you follow directions.

Picture Application
Think you're cute and creative? Then this application is for you. Every question, except the promotion at the bottom, must be answered with a picture. NO TEXT. Unless it happens to already be on the picture.
Be sure to put this under an LJ cut that says, "I'm A Camwhore". Otherwise, REJECTED. And be sure we know what picture goes with what question. We're lazy mods and we won't take our time to figure it out.

No Personality Application
Find yourself lacking a personality, but radiating beauty? Then this application is for you. In this one, you post the basics and then just pictures of your lovely self. But don't post this if you can't get by only on your looks, we're the harshest with this one.
Don't forget to post this under an LJ cut that says, "I Lack Personality". Let's see if you can follow directions. Also, no crazy photoshopped pictures, please. We want to see you-- not your photoshop talent.

Bitch Application
Think you are a bitch? Can you be completely harsh? Than this is the application for you. Fill it out and show your true colors to us. Too nice? You'll probably be rejected.
Make sure you post this under an LJ cut that reads, "I Am A Bitch". We like our members to be able to follow directions.

Couch Potato Application
Are you a couch potato? Do you sit on your ass all day and watch TV? Then this app is perfect for you.
Make sure you post this under an LJ cut that reads, "I Am A Lazy Bastard". We like our members to be able to follow directions.

userinfo button

Promo Banners
When you join, on all the apps you must promote at least one place. To do that, you can either just post the link to the community-- or you can use one of our promo banners. You MAY hotlink directly from our Photobucket. We do allow that. Just right-click the picture, and click Properties, then highlight the URL and put it into the code for pictures. Which you can find in the FAQ's of LJ if you don't know how to do it. And make sure you don't forget to provide them with a link back to the community. I put the address of the community below the available banners.

Accepted Banners
Got accepted? Then you'll see one of the following banners from one of the mods. Please, members-- don't use these to say 'yes' or anything like that. Only a MOD can stamp someone with an accepted banner.

Rejected Banners
Are you ugly? Dumb as shit? Can't spell? A stupid teenybopper? Hell, there's TONS of reasons why you could get rejected. If you see one of these banners... try again in a week or so. Maybe you can get pretty in that amount of time. Probably not though.

All promo banners can be found there. And they can be direct linked from that photobucket account.
Members may not use the accepted or rejected banners.

userinfo by _fluzzy
Community layout by: premade_ljs