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we are a rating community. we are the beautiful people who have an awesome taste in music. every week there will be a different topic to post about relating to hardcore. if you don't like any of our interests and if you're not at least a little bit cute don't apply. and fucking read the rules before you apply.

i am your wonderful mod, Amelia.

:: The Rules ::
1. be prepared for rejection. not everyone is going to like you. get over it. people who fuss will be rejected and banned.
2. when you fill out the appliction put 'i bet you love this, don't you' as the subject so we know to vote on you. and so we know you read the rules.
3. once you've been accepted put 'stamped' in the subject line of every post after.
4. don't post comments on any other post, except yours, until you've been accepted.
5. fill out the whole application. or you won't be accepted.
6. if you fuck with the mod or accepted members, we'll fuck with you.
7. promote to one user and community before you post the application. and then put the proof in the appliction.
8. always use and lj-cut. we don't need teasers. and if you don't know what lj-cut is, then don't post until you do.
9. the mod can and will kick you out at anytime.
10. if you're 15 and younger, don't bother reading further.
11. follow the rules, we don't have them here for our health.

:: Application ::


Favorite Bands:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Shirt:

What is your personallity like:
What is your style like:
What makes you cool:
Why do you think you're hot:
Why should we accept you:
Where did you find us:
Who did you promote to:

Views on..
Animal Rights:
Straight edge:
The 'scene':

Tell us something interesting about you:

Now post at least 4 pictures of you. NO photoshoped pictures. One must clearly show your face and one should be a full lenght shot so we can see your style.

:: accepted ::

:: rejected ::

:: banned ::
none yet