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We'll go hand in hand

But we'll walk alone in fear

We Happy Few
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After the destruction of Sunnydale, the Scooby Gang parted ways for a few months of R&R, but have come back together to join forces with the Angel Investigations team, only to find them now running the LA branch of W&H.

Main Plot

With the scoobies all agreeing to relocate to LA, Giles and Robin began talks with Angel regarding the reestablishment of the Watchers Council. Eventually Angel agreed to fund this vision, and has also arranged for the Hyperion Hotel to be rebuilt as a housing/training facility for any newly made slayers they can track down.

While the new Scooby operation depends on funds received from Angel and his new lawfirm-o-former evil, they don’t fully trust him or his company. Not only do the scoobies question the credibility of the firm, but some of the members of the former Angel Investigations-current W&H- are doing the same. (Namely Wesley and Cordelia)

The Watchers

Giles and Robin now head up the new LA based Watchers Council. Andrew Wells is currently working on becoming a full-fledged watcher, but for now is considered a Jr. Watcher. Along with Giles, Robin and Andrew, a former watcher (Alan Rainey) has resurfaced and would like to be reinstated as a Watcher.

(Eventually, Wesley too will join the Watchers Council, while slowly easing his way out of AI/W&H due to suspicions that the firm is interfering with the real mission that had started Angel Investigations.

The Slayers

All new slayers are housed in the rebuilt Hyperion Hotel, which also acts as a training center. Buffy and Faith are the two senior Slayers, so almost act as Watchers themselves to the girls.

The Scoobies

Willow and Xander not only do their normal scooby duties (Mistress of Mojo and Mr. Fix It), but they also deal with tracking down the new slayers and getting them to the new LA Slayer HQ.
(No one from the Sunnydale group fully trusts Angel and the rest of his camp. In fear that the Firm might be controlling them...not the other way around)

Former AI/Current W&H

Angel and his team have their hands full not only with the normal LA evil, but with the task of keeping the ‘former’ big bad lawfirm running like the well oiled machine we all know and hate.

Wesley has questioned if they all did the right thing by accepting the responsibilities of the firm, and now with Cordy back–and all but happy about the decision that was made without her consent– Wesley’s suspicions elevate.

Key Notes
*This RP is set in what would be season eight for Buffy and season five for Angel.
*Cordelia woke up from her coma and lived.
*No one but Angel and Cordelia remember Connor. (Only exception being Abby)
*Eventually Wes will play both sides of the fence. (While still pulling his weight over at W&H, he will look into becoming a full-time Watcher)
*Unlike the show, I’d like to have it so Dawn was one of the potentials so she did become a Slayer at the end of ‘Chosen’
*Spike is back and in ghostly form. Only the W&H gang know this and they are working on making him a real boy.

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Without the people below, the banners above wouldn't have been possible.

Who's Who
Buffy Summers-angelbuffy
Dawn Summers-dawn_thekey

Xander Harris-wicked_xand
Willow Rosenburg-not_an_amazon

Rupert Giles-oh_dear_lord
Andrew Wells-andrew_sidekick

Angel Investigations
Cordelia Chase-queen__c
Wesley Pryce-_wes_pryce_
Charles Gunn-top_gunn17
Fred Burkle-freddles

W&H Employees
Harmony Kendall-
Gwen Raiden-freak_

*Leon Turner-_prophecy_boy_
*Abby Summers-abby_j_summers
*Nicole (Nikki) Chase-nikki_chase
**Alan James Rainey-alan_rainey

Original Characters are not only welcome, but greatly needed. May they be Watchers, Slayers, Big Bads or W&H employees.

*Also a Slayer
**Also a Watcher

*~*The Rules? Uh, they're more like guidelines really.*~*

1) Try and keep up with the plot. This means reading all threads, not just the one you're involved in.
2) No one-line comments please.
3) If you wont be able to post for a while due to whatever reason, try and let the group know. (We're pretty understanding, so we won't go all 'grrr' on ya if you have a good reason for not posting/replying.)
4) If your character is not heard from in a week then you'll get a warning. Once this happens you have three days to get back to us. (This does not mean you have to post for your character by the third day, just let us know you're alive and well in the ooc journal and give us a heads up on your status with the group.)
5)Once there is an 11 day gap of not hearing from you, you will be replaced. (Again, if theres a good reason behind it then it's ok.)
6) All plot related talk should take place in the OOC Journal. (Scroll up for the link because I'm too lazy to put it here.)
7) If you plan on shipping run it by the mods and make sure it's ok with the player of the character you want to ship with. The only ship I insist on is Spuffy...for Abby related reasons. (Read Abby's bio for the 'whys')
8) PLEASE don't hesitate to add your own input to the current plot. If you want to take your character in a certain direction then by all means run it by us. We’re open to all opinions regarding the plot.
9) Above all else...have fun. Thats the whole point here.
10) Ok...so I dont have a ten. Do I look like Moses?

((Questions? Comments? Mindless ranting? Contact the mod! dawn_thekey ((slayers_sister@hotmail.com)))