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We Are Lost

A Lost Fan Community

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We Are Lost - A Lost Fan Community
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A general fan community for the ABC show Lost

We Are Lost is a community dedicated to the discussion of anything LOST-related, including plotlines, spoilers, characters, relationships, icons, pictures, graphics... anything!

Lost ran for six seasons on ABC and was created by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. It concerned the survivors of a horrific plane crash on a mysterious island and the inhabitants of said mysterious island.

general rules

1. Flaming anything - a character, an actor or actress, members of the crew, or members of this community - is not allowed. Let's be classy, people.

2. Promoting your own communities is allowed, provided that the community is LOST-related and the promotion appears at the end of a post containing something else - a picture, show analysis, etc. I.E., no posts made solely to pimp your own LOST community. Bad form, that.

3. If you have an issue with someone, please take it out of the community and into emails or your own journals. Don't air your dirty laundry here.

4. Het and slash fics are both welcome, but please no fics about real people (i.e. RPF/RPS). That means no fics about Dom or Evangeline or Matthew or JJ...you get the picture. Because I'm the boss and those fics freak me out a little, lol. Posts containing such fics will be deleted without notice.

spoiler rules

1. After the finale airs in the US, please refrain from posting spoilers outside an lj-cut or using spoilery icons for at least one month. Posts failing to do so will be deleted without notice; you are welcome to repost with the proper cuts in place.

2. Once the series has come to an end, keep in mind that some members of the community may be just watching Lost for the first time. As such, you might want to keep information about major plot points behind an lj-cut as a rule of thumb. This is not a hard-and-fast rule; it's more like a guideline.

3. When in doubt, use an lj-cut.

graphics rules

1. If the graphic you are posting is wider than 500 px, please make a thumbnail and link to the image. Be kind to members with dial-up connections or small screen resolutions.

2. If your art contains strong language or other NSFW elements, simply link to it and provide the proper warnings. We may have young members for whom that's unsuitable or members who aren't interested in seeing that sort of thing.

3. Regarding Icons: Post as many or as few as you want. If there's more than four in any given post, please put the rest under an lj-cut. Spoiler rules apply to icons.

4. ALL preview icons must be Lost-related AND if you are linking to a multi-fandom post, you MUST say so. If your three or four preview icons are the only Lost icons of the post, feel free to post a link to the rest of the post, but you MUST CLEARLY STATE that there are no more Lost icons at said post. I'm sick and tired of people trolling for comments by linking from here to a post with only two Lost icons which they've already used for previews here. A little class, people. A little class.

5. If you are linking to a locked post in your icon community, please say so. No one likes to click and link and end up on a 403 error page.


moderated by:
(with a little help from her friends as needed)

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