AFI Nominated for a Woodie!

AFI has been nominated for the Alumni Woodie award!

Voting is in full effect and the competition is tough so AFI needs our help to ensure that they take home the Woodie! You can vote as many times as you want here but voting ends October 28th so get to it.

 By voting you will also enter in the "Vote Your Way to the Woodies" contest to win a chance to attend the mtvU Woodies in person in New York Tell all of your friends, family and neighbors to vote, let’s really show our support for AFI!

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Ok, I need one more favor. I'm sorry to keep doing this.

I'm making a compliation for someone who has never heard AFI before. I spent a good many hours creating the perfect mix and the perfect order but I have one problem. I need to songs. I need Morningstar and I need God Called in Sick today.
For some reason they won't burn off my CD's and I have no idea why, and even if they did I don't want them with the bonus tracks.

So if someone could please help me, it's for a present. I'm trying to get it done before tomorrow.

Thank you so much!

Three things

My three things actually concern three different albums.

First off, I'm sure this has been asked before, but does anyone know what the origin/significance of the lines between the lyrics on the DU cd insert is? Is it originally the work of AFI? What is it?

Secondly, does anyone know where i can find mp3's of This TIme Imperfect and the untitled STS spoken track (we held hands on the last night of the earth...)? I wanted to get copies of them by themselves, or if not that, one of the two together, but not linked to ...But Home is Nowhere.

Thirdly, I'm looking for some Black Sails in the Sunset/Art of Drowning t-shirts, or somethig along those lines. Does anyone know where I could find them?

I appreciate your help.



ok, so i was looking at pics of jade and in a few it looks like he might have freckles. if any one has met him or has a picture can u tell me if he does? its been bugging me lol

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Favorite AFI album: Art of Drowning
Favorite AFI song: God Called in Sick Today
First AFI song you ever heard: Days of the Pheonix
How did you find out about AFI?: a friend was like "bitch, listen to this", like 5 years ago...ok maybe he didn't call me a bitch..but yeah you get the point.

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i have a question....
did AFI ever put out like a complation album? i was in a CD store today and found an album which was black and had patterns on it in a dark brown colour
it had no name and said only AFI..there was a little ghost/gremlin thing on it
tracks included The Despair Factor, God Called in Sick Today, Days of the Phoenix and Totalimmortal
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fuck you all

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Favorite AFI album: Sing The Sorrow
Favorite AFI song: Days Of The Pheonix
First AFI song you ever heard: Girls Not Grey
How did you find out about AFI?: I came across the Warped Tour webiste one year they played it and found out about them that way