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We are B-R \m/

The youth of a nation...

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This community is for anyone that goes to, plans to go to, or has gone to Bridgewater Raynham Regional high school- as a student.

We Are B-R!

This community also supports local bands in the 508/781/774/617 area code. So promote those if you would like.

The rules
[x]Be nice!
[x]Do not promote communities or anything completely unrelated to this community- or I will kill you.
[x]This is not a place for RUMORS.
[x]Anything long or with more than 2 pics needs to be under an LJ cut.
[x]If there is any negativity you will be banned...deal with it.

[x]Make an into post.
Fave Class:
Fave Teacher:
Current Status/Year Graduated:
Fave Band:
Fave Movie:

This community is owned and moderated by: Angela Kemper- class of 2003 *formerly Angela Healy but I got married* (sick_of_tears).
If you have any problems you can e-mail me at songlessdj@yahoo.com
Do not comment in my journal with community problems or you WILL be banned.