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-The Basics-

Name: Lexi
Age: 15
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight
Boyfriend? Girlfriend?: boyfriend <3...


Color: hm probably shades of blue.
Food: sushi
Household Appliance: the microwave...hah you can make such awesome shit happen in that thing
Hobbies: dancing, writing, photography, singing, music, drawing, etc.
Bands(list 10): Thursday, Bright Eyes, Cursive, Senses Fail, Dashboard Confessional, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, The Cure
Movies(list 5): Garden State, Napolean Dynamite, Pieces of April, The Breakfast Club, and Orange County
Book(s:  The Giver, The Count of Monte Cristo, Walk Two Moons, The Catcher in the Rye
HxC Dance: the windmill.
-Either or-

(explain answers)
Napoleon Dynamite or Dumb and Dumber: Napolean flippin funny! hah i love it, its ridiculous.
Fight Club or The Matrix: Fight Club, that movie kicks ass.
MeWithoutYou or Mae: MeWithoutYou.
Showbread or Underoath: Underoath, it's better. period.
Led Zeppelin or RUSH: Led friend Daniel got me to like him, he's great.
Cheez-its or Cheese Nips: Cheez-its. they rock and they taste better.
Food or Fame: food! i don't care about fame, food is so much more fun.

PROMOTE(2 links): eek i tried...but where are the links for the promo?
Where did you hear about us?:  underwearpower.
What do you think of the MODS?: they're sexy ass motha fuckas.
Why do you RULE? i'm da shit. i'm rad.
PICTURES(3+, show your face in atleast one):


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