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Like wine turned to water turned back to wine

-The Basics-

Name: Kyle
Age: 14
Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
Boyfriend? Girlfriend?: Girlfriend. The mod underwearpower.


Color: Green
Food: candy apple.
Household Appliance: Vacuum.
Hobbies: Baseball, dancing, sexin' it up, and music.
Bands(list 10):
*The Used
*Coheed and Cambria
* Me Without You
*Hawthorne Heights
*Norma Jean
*Evergreen Terrace
*matchbook romance
*The Postal Service
*Death Cab for Cutie
Movies(list 5):
*Fox and the Hound
*Dumb and Dumber
*The Best of Will Ferrel
*A Night at the Roxbury
Book(s: I am The Cheese.
HxC Dance: G-Step.
-Either or-

(explain answers)
Napoleon Dynamite or Dumb and Dumber: Dumb and Dumber, its a classic. Jim Carey is the greatest comedian ever.
Fight Club or The Matrix: The Matrix because I've never seen fight club all the way food. The matrix makes me want to dance.
MeWithoutYou or Mae: Mewithoutyou because they sound 20 times better.
Showbread or Underoath: Underoath because Showbread sucks a.
Led Zeppelin or RUSH: Led Zeppelin, They're amazing.
Cheez-its or Cheese Nips: Cheez-its because cheese nips are the generic.
Food or Fame: Food its my life.

PROMOTE(2 links):
Where did you hear about us?: underwearpower
What do you think of the MODS?: starr is cool, and Jasmine is the best person ever.
Why do you RULE? gahh, look at me.
PICTURES(3+, show your face in atleast one):

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