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Wise County Peace Coalition

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This is a community for our local peace group the WCPC (Wise County Peace Coalition).
We not only protest war and promote Anti Violence, and other related things, we also promote vegetarianism/veganism and animal activism through protesting and petitioning and whatever we can to make a difference. We also do enviromental work such as planting trees, cleaning up the area, and telling people about the recent enviromental state and what they can do to help. We are open to ideas and comments and possibly helping for more causes.


1. Respect all members and their comments and opinions we need to be open and tolerent
2. As members we need to promote on our livejournals, other communities, and anywhere else. To be sucessful we need to organized, vocal, and united.
-and that's the rules

Application (not really an application, i just want to know about you when you join and I have no clue what to call it)

-Interests (in general):
-Interests in activism:
-Opinion(s) on War:
-Opinion(s) on the Bush Administration:
-Opinion(s) on Vegetarianism/Veganism:
-Opinion(s) on Animal rights:
-anything else:

___just in case your wondering..age does not matter. age does not determine intelligence....and none of this other stuff matters either. knowing me i probably mispelled intelligence hah

About the Mods:

The founders of the WCPC are Josh Grigsby (the_axis_powers) and Jennifer Miller( (bowl0f_oranges) )</a>

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