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-Name:Carmen Davis
-Age: 15...I'll be 16 in a week
-Location:Big Stone Gap VA
-Interests (in general): music, guitar, bass, tennis, writing, poetry, drama, history,
-Interests in activism: anti-war, animal activism, anti-abortion, anti-violence, environmentalism, anti-racism
-Opinion(s) on War: there is no point in it. its just a power thing and truly nothing worth it is gained. there are other ways to solve our problems. war is cowardly and i will never understand it
-Opinion(s) on the Bush Administration: he's quite ignorant and i know i'm not under the pressure he is but he's just being stupid. i could go on forever about why but i'll save it for another time.
-Opinion(s) on Vegetarianism/Veganism: i'm not a vegetaian but i think being one is a good idea. i rarely eat meat but im not a vegetarian
Opinion(s) on animal rights: i think animals should have all the rights that people do. i went to the vt campus this weekend and they had such horrible things going on with the animals it made me so mad.
-anything else: when and where are you guys protesting and what against?

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