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-Name: Jenn
-Age: 14
-Location: Norton, Va
-Interests (in general): Joshua Grigsby <3, Music, Guitar, Art, Poetry
-Interests in activism: women's rights, animal activism, environmentalist..
-Opinion(s) on War: Its greedy and selfish. Tons of people are dieing and it could have been prevented.
-Opinion(s) on the Bush Administration: urg
-Opinion(s) on Vegetarianism/Veganism: i don't think anything should be born and raised to die. meat is murder and i don't see how anyone could feast on God's living creatures. and i would say veganism is very hard, and i have a lot of respect for vegans but i don’t plan on becoming one myself for health reasons.
-Opinion(s) on Animal rights: they feel and bleed just like a human. whos to say we're not animals ourselves?
-anything else: ehh i'm going to join josh in protesting next week if i can, it would be great to get more people

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