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WCPC is going to try to get things up and running this saturday for a meeting at the public library and it'll be called off due to lack of interest so let me know if you can make it. and by the way, if we do meet write down/type what you want to see happen or things you would like to do and participate it.
promote and get new members! to be sucessful in a group you have to be organized and well populated so members are crucial.
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well we haven't been doing much and i was just thinking maybe we should all take up a collection and donate to the red cross or something. their address is :

American Red Cross
P.O. Box 97089
Washington D.C. 20090-7089

or maybe we could do something about all the environmental problems that this has caused.

just a few ideas ...

peace love untiy
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ok well school is starting in 3 days and once school starts back the traffic is "hectic" and would be perfect for a protest or demo, if you will. Click here for "Demos for dummies" "demos for dummies" is a guide to help people organize a demo and stuff. it's about animal activism but we can substitute it for anti-war too. check it out and leave a comment on a date and time to try to get together and start organizing.
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We can have an advertisement for the WCPC in "Untitled" and the deadline has been extended so if you wanna send anything go for it. Anyone have any ideas for the ad?
By the way when are we going to do something? Just wondering.
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indie mag!!!

Here's the e-mail address for or magazine. Please send something to it and spread the word!!!!

we will be printing very soon so please send asap!!!!

the deadline is JULY 11th!!!!!

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ok now that i have your all's attention...
i am going on vacation tomorrow and I will be back on the 1st so I would like to do some activism or something.
I have some ideas, such as, maybe going to the K-mart shopping center with posters and signs with war statistics and facts like the cost of war and compare the money wasted on Iraq to how many kids we could have insured with that money. (
maybe meeting at the public library and making flyers and handouts to let the people know about the provision buried in the No Child Left Behind act that states that the school can give military recruters YOUR personal information and the right for them to roam your schools and lie to you and bribe you with money and keychains and sell your life and the life of Iraqi citizens. We could make petitions as well.
leave some feedback and whenever i get back i want to see some new members.
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-Name:Carmen Davis
-Age: 15...I'll be 16 in a week
-Location:Big Stone Gap VA
-Interests (in general): music, guitar, bass, tennis, writing, poetry, drama, history,
-Interests in activism: anti-war, animal activism, anti-abortion, anti-violence, environmentalism, anti-racism
-Opinion(s) on War: there is no point in it. its just a power thing and truly nothing worth it is gained. there are other ways to solve our problems. war is cowardly and i will never understand it
-Opinion(s) on the Bush Administration: he's quite ignorant and i know i'm not under the pressure he is but he's just being stupid. i could go on forever about why but i'll save it for another time.
-Opinion(s) on Vegetarianism/Veganism: i'm not a vegetaian but i think being one is a good idea. i rarely eat meat but im not a vegetarian
Opinion(s) on animal rights: i think animals should have all the rights that people do. i went to the vt campus this weekend and they had such horrible things going on with the animals it made me so mad.
-anything else: when and where are you guys protesting and what against?
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