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ACL: everything is beautiful

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19 x "[insert site] saw me coming and broke" (for when your fave site decides to have a 404 moment)
8 x Dita von Teese (all worksafe)
36 x Green Day
2 x Kalan Porter
5 x misc stationery from some imagepack (damn if I can remember which x_x)
30 x Bloom County text quotes
4 x misc cheeky

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ACL: everything is beautiful

35 avvies pour toi :)

18 Bloom County (from Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things)
5 Josh Palmer
1 Billie Joe Armstrong
3 White Ninja
2 Kalan Porter
1 Vince Benenati
1 Shane Wiebe
1 Melissa O'Niel/Rex Goudie
3 Dinosaur Comics

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ACL: everything is beautiful

Idols and classic comics, my two favorite icon subjects :D

1 x Sonic the Hedgehog
8 x Bloom County (7 from Night of the Mary Kay Commandos)
6 x Pogo
1 x Barney Google and Snuffy Smith
6 x Garfield (including 1 modified greeting card image)
1 x Beetle Bailey
5 x Peanuts
3 x Jacob Hoggard
2 x Josh Palmer
2 x Jason Greeley
1 x Kalan Porter
1 x Suzi Rawn
3 x Daryl Brunt (1 w/Rex Goudie)
1 Mario Vazquez/Constantine Maroulious (slashy, not slashy, whatever :p)

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