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ACL: everything is beautiful

nananananananana ICONS! :D

1 x Anoop Desai
2 x Tommy Ratliff
8 x Archie comics "The Married Life" story arc, Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love
9 x Adam Lambert
13 x Wonder Woman #604
14 x Batman/Joker: Switch
26 x Batwoman: Elegy
27 x Psylocke mini-series
29 x The Killing Joke
37 x Gotham City Sirens

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hugz tiem, I bloody love you :-*

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1 x Gary Morissette
2 x Mookie Morris
3 x Fall Out Boy, misc. LJ-related humor
5 x Brad Bell
7 x My Chemical Romance
11 x Archie comics "The Married Life" story arc
23 x Lee DeWyze
39 x Adam Lambert
54 x Tommy Ratliff
63 x Fall Out Toy Works
textless are not bases

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