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Welcome To Icons By Darchangel Skye

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Icons by Darchangel Skye
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Welcome to icons by writinchica2k! I got tired of keepin' em in public posts at my usually-locked journal (soooo much loading time) so here ya go!

Waaaaaah! I'm getting a bunch of red X's!
Relax, grasshopper, I can assure you no images are broken. Just right-click and hit the Show Picture option and the icon should appear. Tedious, but it works :p

Do you have any gradients/brushes/tutorials?
Sorry, those are beyond my realm of ability. Icons only.

What are your resources?
As I have the worst memory known to icon-maker kind I can't give specific credits. However, the kind people at these communities are GODS:

I have a message board profile/other journaling site. May I use one of your icons as my avatar there?
Go nuts! :)

What's your take on credit?
Simplicity itself. If it's a simple base or something with a 1px border around it, like these:

credit shall not be necessary. I mean c'mon, ANYBODY could make those.
HOWEVER, if it's one of my more fancy icons that you can tell I've obviously put work into, like these:

LI'L CREDIT PLEASE BWANA. Comments or keywords, doesn't matter. I don't wanna sound like some Nazi bitch goddess, but I'm a mite protective over my work.

Hi, I'ma just steal one of your fancy icons and not credit you. How's that?

Oh, and as long as we're on the subject...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket stickies by kielle

Your icons SUCK!
Uh, whatever.

That's some suspicious graininess there...
Conversion-to-GIF-format stuff, no conspiracy :)

Hey bitch, you stole my icons!
Show me sufficient proof (ie. not something anyone coulda grabbed off Google) and I shall remove the offending avatar.

Hey, I have an icon comm too! Wanna affiliate?
Sure, I'd love affiliates! Just leave me a comment.

Afiiliates so far:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

With all this in mind, enjoy! :D

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